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Physical Education

Physical Education

At Holy Family School we want each of our children to choose to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. In order to achieve this we deliver a high quality curriculum that is specifically designed to enable all of our children to enjoy physical activity, analyse their performance, know how to improve and reach their full potential.


As a result of all our efforts across the school, to ensure the children receive a high quality Physical Education, Holy Family School has been awarded the Sainsbury's School Games Gold Award.


Our Aims

  • To inspire and encourage the enjoyment of physical activity,
  • That all children will experience a wide range of physical activity,
  • To develop positive attitudes towards physical activity so that children can pursue habits and interests that promote a healthy lifestyle,
  • To develop control, co-ordination and fluency in the use of their bodies with the ability to remember, repeat and refine actions,
  • To develop the ability to observe, evaluate and improve performances,
  • To develop social skills, interpersonal skills, positive attitudes and the ability to compete with a sense of fair play,
  • To become increasingly aware of how physical activity affects the body.
Every year we hold Sports Day for the children. The events are arranged on a circuit basis to ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate in all events, such as an obstacle course. In the afternoon, there are track events for each class and some involve the relay race with a baton.

Inclusion And Equal Opportunities


At Holy Family School all children are entitled to participate in the P.E. curriculum regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, language, ability or disability or special needs. All children's efforts are valued and supported in a safe, secure environment. Where children have specific needs adaptations to the curriculum are made to ensure that all children have every opportunity to succeed at their particular stage of development.



All children from years 3, 4 and 5 have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons once a week for a term.

These lessons take place at the local swimming centre. Regular testing takes place and children are awarded with certificates to motivate and reward progress. All of the teaching staff at the centre hold teaching, first aid and lifeguard qualifications. The teachers share our philosophy and values towards teaching; meet the standards that we demand and ensure our children make good progress. The classes are split into groups so that children swim in ability groups. 

All swimmers are required to wear hats to maintain water quality.

All children are expected to wear appropriate swimwear; no bikinis, beach shorts or earrings.




Th school netball team represented the school in the recent Netball tournament at Howbridge. They played their socks off and smashed it against Chipping Hill 3-1 in the final.

An amazing and well deserved win.

Netball team

Netball team 1



In the recent football tournament at Howbridge school both the girls and boys teams were represented. The boys played some fantastic football, but missed out on the final coming in 3rd Place overall.

The girls played hard in all of their matches reaching the final against Powers Hall. After a goalless match it all came down to the Silver goal - first team to score a goal wins.

It only took 15 seconds for Holy Family girls to power a goal into the net.

Fantastic effort from the whole team.




Boys & Girls Football Team Players

Boys & Girls Football Team Players 1
Boys & Girls Football Team Players 2


Rugby tournament


Our team played in the Witham Schools tag rugby tournament on Tuesday 15th January, Our team played fantastically and we are proud to say that we won the event and are now through to the finals next month.