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Maths Mastery Hub

Holy Family has worked within Maths Mastery Hubs since 2017. Involvement within them has allowed us to reflect upon practice and resources.


In The Moment Planning (ITMP)

HFS works with other lead ITMP schools to develop practice.  Our focus is currently in year 1 and staff are part of an action research project.

Deanery School Partners

Extended Deanery Group

HFS also works within an extended Deanery group which includes the following schools:

St Thomas Mores (Colchester)

St Teresas (Lexden)

St Clares (Clacton)

St Josephs (Clacton)

St Benedicts (Colchester)


Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Working in Partnership

Holy Family collaborates with a number of different groups.

Witham and District Schools in Partnership (WADSIP) 

  • We are part of the WADSIP. Through joint funding we are able to employ our own Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapist, access to local competition level sports provision, and music festivals.

  • Our pupils regularly visit the local Secondary Academy to undertake workshops

  • We arrange visits to each other’s schools to see best practice.


Witham Collaborative

  • We work within the Witham Collaborative Partnership to share good practice and also develop agreed key areas.  The current key areas are: Transition, More Able pupils, Pupil Premium Provision.
  • Writing Moderation sessions


Brentwood Religious Education Service (BRES)


‘BRES serves the Kingdom of God in enabling the enablers to develop the growth in faith, knowledge and understanding of God in schools’.


BRES serves 75 primary schools, 18 secondary schools and one special school. They are responsible for standards in all local Catholic schools and ensure that we maintain our distinctive Catholic character, including holding us to account through regular inspections. They provide support to Leadership and Management, teaching and Learning and the development of the school ethos.


The Catholic Education Service (CES)

The CES provides support and advice to Catholic Schools. This support includes recruitment of staff, advice on legal matters and public relations.


Just Imagine Story Centre

HFS works with the story centre for professional development and a general love of reading.


Billericay Teaching Alliance

HFS work with schools within the Billericay Consortium to further develop teaching practices.