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Public Speaking at Holy Family

Led by Mrs Nicky Browne

To stand like a Mighty Oak has improved the communication skills of our children tremendously. This carefully orchestrated Public Speaking Programme, encourages children to overcome fear, gain skills and inspire others to stand tall and speak out.

The children are taken on a journey to prepare them to perform to a live audience. The programme is deliberately and carefully structured with purpose: to inform, to convince and to entertain. The children are taught to consider the way they stand, move, use their voice and maintain eye-contact to draw their audience in.

The Might Oak Public Speaking Scheme of Work has had a significant impact on our children’s achievement and confidence beyond the lessons. They have transferred their skills to enhance their performance across the curriculum, particularly when they are presenting, persuading or performing.

11+ Tuition

HFS is able to facilitate 11+ tuition for Year 5 pupils.  An information session is held to explain how the 11+ group works in the summer term of year 4.