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PSQM - Primary Science Quality Mark


Raising the profile of science in school is our next priority. As with most things in education, the foundations for excellence are best laid during primary years. That’s the thought behind PSQM, a national scheme supported by several key bodies – including Ofsted, the Association of Science Education, the Royal Society and the CBI. They’re all committed to raising the standard of science in order to deliver long-term benefits for society as a whole – growing a generation of talented scientists who can lead the way for Britain.

We have applied and been accepted on the PSQM training program for this academic year. This will take a year to complete and we will be working hard as a school to achieve the highest award we can. 





Year 1 science

Today we made witch hats ... To do this we had to melt chocolate ... So our science today became all about changing from a solid to liquid and back again. In our discussions and while we were melting the chocolate, we noticed the steam a the water heated on the stove so we talked about the different states of water and that got us onto electricity and the element in a kettle and so much more.... 

Year 2 science
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