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A Parent's Guide to Support Children at Home with APPs

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  • Year 6, the final class of your primary school journey!! In year 6 it’s not all about SAT’s and tests, it’s also about creating strong resilient individuals that can make the transition from primary to secondary school. We start the year with Grafham Water, a superb way to gel together as a class, work on team building and problem solving skills and face challenges and obstacles together.

    From here we build upon this and find leaders for school roles and work on independence and responsibility.


    We hope you enjoy this page and the journey we are all about to embark on....Let’s follow that rainbow. 🌈🌈




    • Be positive about homework and tell your child how important it is. The attitude you express about homework will be the attitude your child acquires.

    • The best time for children to do their homework is soon after they arrive home. A short break and snack is recommended first.

    • Provide a reasonably quiet and suitable place where your child can work.
    Make sure that paper, pencils and a dictionary are available and appropriate.

    • When your child asks for help, provide guidance, not answers.  


Please click the link below for SATS revision help. It will take you to the KS2 SATS Revision page where you will find a number of very useful revision guides.




Year 5 and 6 had a joint H&R session today and they had a great time playing Kahoot and taking the Great Year 5 & 6 Quiz. Year 5 were overall winners! Snacks were provided by Mrs Collett and Mr Fife and a great time was had by all!!!


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YEAR 6 took part in the Joe Wicks Morning Move for Children in Need. They had an enjoyable morning getting their hearts pumping for the day ahead!❀️❀️❀️ Well done year 6 and thanks to all who sponsored them.


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In year 6 this week we discussed all the different people and organisations children can turn to when they need someone to listen.

We talked about what qualities we want these people/organisations to have.

We then drew pictures representing the above whilst listening to Rachael Lynne - Dare to be Different (anti-bullying video).

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The Always Club in Year 6 is a club that the children get into when they are 'ALWAYS' doing the right thing. This half terms treat was Pizza!! A fun time was had by all. Well done 'Always' kids.

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Year 6 spent today learning about a young girl from Japan called Sudako. 


In 1945 when the Hiroshima bomb was dropped Sudako was only 2 years old. The affects from the bomb didn’t become visible for another ten years.

This young girl, who was a keen runner from school, was told by a friend while in hospital, that if she made 1000 origami cranes her wishes would be granted. She wished to be well again and the Leukaemia to be gone, so she could return to school. Unfortunately this did not happen. When she made her last crane #643 she wrote the word ‘Peace’, on it, in the hope there would be peace in the world.

Her school friends carried on making the cranes after her death and asked all children affected by war to remember Sudako.



sudako and the paper cranes

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SPELLING SHED - Spellings coverage for Year 6

Come and See Parent Letter - Autumn Term 2019

History Walk - WWII


Today the children walked into Witham to look at the building that have survived since WWII. They looked at the architecture and what  the buildings are used for now  compared to what they were used for in the war. 

We then went to the War memorial and looked at the courageous and brave people from Witham that sacrificed their lives for us in WWII. The class are going to pick people from the war and investigate where they lived and how they died.

Science - Light - Making Periscopes


To study how light travels and reflects off surfaces, the children followed instructions and made periscopes out of cereal boxes and mirrors.