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Year 6




We are sure that you will enjoy your final year at Holy Family School, and we want you to know that we are always here to support you throughout Year 6 - every step of the way!

We know that you will really love this year at school and be ready for the journey to secondary school.

Let's make this the best year ever.

Mrs Rackliff and Mrs Collett.

The results are in year six.  The RSPB have said that the blackbird is now the most commonly viewed bird during their annual Garden Birdwatch.  Thanks for taking part.  Our certificate is on the way.  Mrs Lonergan smiley


Year 6 Mass - Ash Wednesday

The class read beatifully in mass today to celebrate the start of Lent. Their behaviour was exceptional and they really showed the rest of the school how to act. Their responses and their singing could be heard all the way at the front of the hall.

Well done!

Class Worship - On Sources

THe children planned and delivered a wonderful class worship today all about their RE topic - Sources. They reflected on the written and spoken word of our Lord and how the word has changed overtime - but still conveys the same important and spiritual messages. They reflected on the many sources of information available to us that provide us with the written word, and how we can incorporate his teaching into our every day lives.

Mental Health Week - Rest & Relaxation heart


For our contribution to this important week the Year 6's and their Foundation reading partners got together for a relaxing and calming breathing session. The Year 6's taught their partners the 'Wave', a breathing excercise to calm the mind and body. The Foundation children listened to the instructions so very carefully and sat there tracing their fingers and breathing deeply in and out. You could hear a pin drop in the Foundation class....Mrs Small couldn't believe how silent they were.


In Year 6, when we returned we finished off with a Mental Health awareness Kahoot which gave the children intersting hints and tips on how to practice good mental health.



Internet Safety Day 2023

Well, we started the day with a 'Live' assembly with the Google Internet Legends Team. This interactive activity got the children to think about many aspects of staying safe online, from safe password creation, knmowing what a 'phishing' email/message is, being Kind to your fiends/peers online and being brave enough to speak up if something is just not wuite right.

This assembly underpinned the 5 pillars of the Internel Legends ethos -Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave!

Later we watched the 'Flocabulary' rap about staying safe online and had a class discussion all about inappropriate messaging/photos, what to do if you receive one, who to talk to and what the law states not only to the person sending them, but alsoto anyone that shares them.

It was a really informative day! 

Shang Dynasty Oracle Bones


Continuing our topic of the Shang  Dynasty, the children this week thought of their own proverbs and questions. These were translated by them into script from the Shang period. They then drew out their designs.

Further to this they worked with clay to create their own Shang Dynasty ‘Oracle Bones’, (bones used in ancient China for divination!)



The Dead Sea Scrolls

Year 6 & Foundation Prayer Service

What a wonderful experience for all involved. The Year 6 children and their Foundation reading partners took part in a prayer service today all about the current RE topic - Sources. The prayer service was about Books and all the wonderful written word there is available about Jesus and his teachings.

The Foundation class sat with their Year 6 readers and came up when required and read very clearly. They also sat beautifully with year 6 and prayed with their hands together.

Thank you Foundation for taking part in the service so wonderfully. Thank you Y6 for being very mature and guiding/assisting your reading partners through the service.


We have had great fun over the past few weeks leading up to Christmas break. We have had many children off with sickness, we’ve even been hit with snow!  But we have had fun with the children who have managed to get in. Daily brain break quizzes have encouraged the children to think outside the box with prizes given to the winners. Evacuation teddy bears have been sewn, stuffed and dressed. Year 6  have spent time with their foundation reading partners and sat with them throughout the Christmas panto. There were fabulous performances in the Christmas reflection, great readings in the KS2 Advent service, and great participation in the whole school Christmas service. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the run-up to Christmas.

 Year 6 ❤️ team wish all our children and all their families a very happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

CAFOD - Class Assembly

The lovely ladies from CAFOD came in today to talk to the children about Catholic Social Teaching. They talked about the 9 'keys' that make up this wonderful thinking - and if these 'keys' were incorporated into everyone's lives, the world would be a better place for all. The keys are:  Human Dignity, Subsidiarity, Participation, Common Good, Stewardship, Distributive Justice, Solidarity, Promoting Peace & Preferential Option fir the Poor. THe children had to think about each of the keys in small groups and see which key would unlock certain situations. The whole class were engaged and enthusiastic.

Class Collective Worship


Today the children did their first class collective worship. They decided on the theme of their service, who would lead it, how it was to be setup, what equipment was needed, what reading were going to be said.

They made all of the decisions as a whole class and completed their class collective worship booklet.

They setup, delivered, tidied away and evaluated their own service very well. Well done Year 6!


Two groups of students have taken part in Bikeability with the lovely people from Essex County Council to ensure our Year 6 students have the safety, confidence and ability to ride their bicycles on the open roads. This is another step towards their transition to secondary school, allowing then the independence to ride to school unaided.

Two further groups will take part after half term.

Reading Partners

Over the past two few weeks, Year 6 have been introduced to their Foundation reading partners and what a big hit each class has been! Year 6 have loved the extra responsibility of looking after a Foundation, and the Foundation children have thoroughly enjoyed reading with the Year 6's so a win win all round!

Every Friday after break the children get together with a good book (or few!) and read together. The children read the book, discuss the plot and the characters and generally enjoy a good read.

It's a wonderful experience for both year groups.



Over the last few weeks the children  have been drawing out (electronically) maps  showing Witham High Street as it was in World War II. Today they walked into Witham High Street, they also visited the war memorial and looked at the soldiers that had died in World War II. They then  compared their World War II maps to the current High Street as it is in 2022. On their return to school they will create maps of modern day Witham High St  to show a comparison between buildings and roads from World War II to present day. 

The Year 6 Leadership Teams