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Year 6






We hope you will all enjoy your final year at Holy Family School, and we want you to know that we are here to support you throughout Year 6. Myself, Mrs Collett and Mrs Stanford will be here to help you every step of the way. We hope you will really love this year at school and be ready for the journey to secondary school that awaits.

Let's make this the best year ever.

Mrs Rackliff.

The Year 6 Team


🐝🐝BEE’s 🐝🐝


The children were lucky today to have a visit from a very informative bee keeper. He discussed the importance of bees, how they are being looked after, what we can do to help maintain their existence. He talked through what types of bees there are, bee anatomy, how honey is made, and how bees collect honey & pollen. The gentleman brought a hive with him ( no bees) and the children got to eat some honey.



Today the children had the opportunity to work outside on a variety of topics linked to Forest Schools. They did some flower art, tree investigation and identification, understanding and creating different knots. Then they did some den building. They had great time outside and the weather was glorious.

FINISHED!!! Well done Year 6

SATs Revision

SATS Easter revision resources




Year 6 ready for Red Nose Day! What a great day we had....

TWOSDAY 22.02.2022

Today is a Twosday. It is a once in a lifetime event. 

Today's date is palindromic. This means it can be read the same backwards as forwards.

It is also an ambigram, as on a calculator it can be read upside down in exactly the same way.

This has only happened once before more than a thousand years ago on 11.01.1011

There will never be a 33.03.3033 as there is not month with 33 days in it, so it really is a unique date.


Year 6 at 2.22pm on 22.02.2022

Year 6 expectations



Impresario Stage School came in today and did a small drama workshop with the children. The children had to be different characters and interpret their surroundings. Some very funny characters appeared!!! Any children wishing to take part in after school drama classes should approach the office for details.



SHANG DYNASTY -Making Oracle Bones 


The children today made Oracle Bones out of clay. They inscribed the bones with their names (written in Chinese symbols) and a question needing to be answered by ‘divination’ as per the Shang tradition.

Christmas Lunch

WWII Design & Technology Projects


We have had some amazing projects brought in by the children! We have been amazed by their creativity! We spent a fabulous Friday afternoon, eating WWII ration cakes and biscuits, playing with Lego (that was mainly Mrs Collett)  and looking at all the creations the children made. Thank you everyone!



Finally, after 2 long years, Year 6 got together with the foundation children for a little read. They all had a really good time and were all so well behaved. All the children were so very happy with the reading morning.



The children had an entertaining day learning all about Mexico! They investigated the country and used atlas's to find specific areas of the country. They also sampled different Mexican foods including Tortilla's, Guacamole and dark bitter chocolate. They investigated the Maya Civilisation and took part in additional activities around the school.

Thorpe Woodlands


Wow....what an adventure that was! We hope that the children had as much fun as we did. They were outstanding with the staff at TW - who all commented on what a wonderful bunch of children they were. Most of the children pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and experienced something new - well done to all! We hope that you were happy with the updates that appeared on Twitter...and managed to keep up with the action!


A video of the trip will be available this space!

Alice In Wonderland Week

As we are off on out trip this week, we haven't been able to do as many activities as other classes, but we think the children enjoyed the ones that we could fit in!

On the dress up day yesterday (it was lovely to see some of the beautiful costumes), the children made jam tarts. Then we had a tea party in the afternoon - after watching the Queen's butler instruct us as to the proper way to drink tea -  This DT task then fed into their English instruction writing which they completed today. They have done some Lewis Carroll Comprehension and some Wonderland themed maths, Alice mazes and word-searches.

Bike Ability - Group 1


The first Group of children today took part in their Bikeability training. The instructors were very happy with the way that they listened and followed instructions. They will compete their session on Monday. Well done Group 1.

Bikeability Group 2


Again we had feedback from the instructors today to say how wonderful this group were at listening and following instructions. It's so lovely to hear great feedback about this wonderful Year 6 class.

Group 2 successfully completed their road navigation today! Well done!

Well done Year 6 on your bike riding during Bikeability. You all worked so hard and the instructors were very proud of each and everyone of you! Well done ... and happy cycling!!! 

D.E.A.R. Time (Drop Everything and Read) heart


In Year 6 we really try and encourage the children to read, read read. Not only is it beneficial to their learning, but it is great for relaxing them into the day, mental well-being and a way to escape into another world. 

We loved it today when Emily lost herself in her book. Her face showed what was going on without her having to utter a word. 



Last week we spent Friday afternoon listening to the wonderful speeches the children had prepared for their application to the different school leadership roles. The children listened and asked the applicants questions about how they would act in the role they were applying for. Then the whole class voted. The teaching team were very impressed with all the children who stepped up for the roles. Public speaking can be a daunting task, but everyone stood up and did their very best.

True friendship and gracious defeat was displayed by all applicants which was lovely to see when the winners were revealed.

Your School Leaders are below:

Alice In Wonderland Week

We are so looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland Week starting on the 18th October!!! Please see school Newsletter and the school Twitter Feed for Updates!