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Year 3

Week Beginning 13th July

We have included below the last Home Learning Planning Guide before the Summer break. We understand that most of the children will be coming in for their transition day and many have run out of steam so please don't feel you have to do everything. Do as much or as little that you and your child can handle :)


The information below is for our transition week.  The children in our class moving to Year 4 in September will have information provided for them by Mrs Gibbs (check the Transition information page for Year 4). Have a great week if you are coming in for transition.  If you are not, do not worry, transition day work and welcome letters for your next class will be passed on to you too.


We are sad to say goodbye to our current class, happy to say hello to our new class but glad that we are all at Holy Family School, where we can all continue to live, love and learn together when we all return.


Best wishes

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

1st July 2020


Hello Children


Update on Tweet of the Week

Have a look at the key information pages on the website and scroll down to find the outdoor learning icon.  On there, there are bird identification audio clips to listen to.  Did anyone hear the Tweet of the Week in their own garden/park?   At 5.00am, Mr Fyfe and his wife, recorded the dawn chorus in the nature area at school.  Isn't it great -  the birds have their own choirsmiley.  Mr Fyfe has kindly cleared the whole area to welcome wildlife to HFS and to welcome you on your return to school.  As we enter a new month, there will be changes to spot in your garden and local area.  Please open the link below and let me know if you have anything to report on the class email account.  Use the title 'Report for Mrs Lonergan' and your teachers will pass it to me.  Remember that your parents need to be responsible for emails sent to your teachers.

Thanks!  I can't wait to hear from you!

Mrs Lonergan

Outdoor Learning Lead



Week Beginning 6th July

We hope this finds everyone well.  Below is this week's schedule but please read the outdoor learning note above too.  If you have anything to report after watching the clip from the RSPB, please send an email to our class account with the support of your parents.  Enjoy your week.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

Please see this week's topic learning schedule on the class pages for the whole school.  Within this, you will find work connected to history, geography, art and design.
Week beginning the 29th of June 2020

Hello Everyone,

Our week's work is on here as well as the topic learning themed units at the beginning of the class pages.

Thanks for all of your work to date and for the emails received.  Please make sure that your parents do check their emails as we have sent out an important message.

Have a good week.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

PHSE: My Aspirations

These are some of the lovely things that Year 3 got up to during last week

Still image for this video
Week beginning the 22nd of June 2020

Hello Year Three,

We hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed the European Championships themed work set across the school last week.  This week, the theme is Monsters and Aliens.  This runs alongside our own website page for year three which has other areas for home schooling on there too.  We do love seeing your work and thank you for anything you have sent us.  Don't worry though if this isn't possible on Seesaw.  We absolutely know how hard it is to share computers.  Lots of the work that we have can be printed off to paper copies so that the time on the computer can be limited.

We do hope that you are happy and well and wish you a great week ahead.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

History: The Roman Empire

Spanish: La Playa/The Beach

Baking challenge

Mrs Buet would like to challenge you all to make her chocolate chip cookies.

Download the recipe above, get your adult helper ready, wash your hands and away you go. Don't forget to email your teacher pictures of your cookies.




These are some of the lovely things that Year 3 has been up to this week!

Still image for this video


Please log on to Oddizzi geography website:

Username: HFS Year 3

Password: hfsabc

There are quizzes, facts and lots of information about all aspects of the geography curriculum to support our themed weeks!


Check out the following Website for some sporting activities to do with your children. It is updated weekly and is a great fun sporting resource.

Essex Libraries- available Online.

Free access to online resources like Encyclopedia Britannica (including kids edition).

If you don't have a library card you can join your local library free online.


Click on the link for more information:

Summer Reading Challenge:

📚📚📚The library have released their Summer Reading Challenge. Please follow the link below to access this wonderful reading activity!📚📚📚

Week Beginning 15th June

Hello Everyone,


We hope you are all well.  It looks like the sun may have returned for a while so we hope that you are still enjoying the chance to have some fresh air and a walk with your family.


This week, our topic learning (please see the beginning of the class pages document) is based on sport.  Our other learning appears on our class learning schedule attached here.  Please do remember that we would appreciate any work completed on our class saints for this term - St Peter and St Paul.  As always, we appreciate your prayers which you may have written too.


Have a good week and remember you can upload work on Seesaw.  We are still putting some limited work up on there too.


Best wishes to all of you,

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi


Tweet of the Week:  If you spot a feathered friend using the bird identifier (see key information/curriculum/outdoor learning page of the website) please email me via Mrs Buet on the admin email.  I would love to hear all your sightings.  

Thank you!

Mrs Lonergan

Grammar, punctuation and spelling can be found on the 'Catch It' document above.  Please also use your GPS book to work through the next 4 pages carefully.  It does get more complex.

Week Beginning 8th June

Hello Everyone,

We hope that this finds you well after a windy week out there.  This week our Maths and English will appear on our schedule below just the same as last week.  The whole school topic theme this week is water.  You will see the water symbol on this page with the other symbols.  When you click on that, it has a variety of topic based learning around this theme. Thank you for all the work that you are doing and for your contributions on Seesaw.  

Have a good week everyone.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi 

Week beginning the 8th of June 2020

Hello All,

I meant to say, please continue each week with the next 3 pages in your Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation book.  If you do not have your book at home, then I will upload Twinkl work which is similar.  I will try to put this on this evening for those who need it.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lonergan

Week Beginning 1st June


Hello Year Three Children, Parents and Carers,

We do hope that you are well.  We have left you a message on Seesaw to explain that most of our learning will appear here on our class page.  We will be uploading our English, Maths and Spanish and the school will have all of your other subjects uploaded on a topic plan each week.  We hope that you enjoy all of your tasks but if there are any problems accessing anything, as always, we will pick up your queries on our email.  Thanks for everything you have been doing and have a great week ahead.

All best wishes to you,

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

The Romans link and questions appears in the English section below with the other resources, just in case you couldn't find it.
Week beginning the 1st of June 2020

Spanish Home Learning Pack

Week beginning 18th May 2020


Hello Parents, Carers and Children,

We have all been working with Mrs Eardley to come up with an Art Week plan for this week.  This means that all of our topics will link within the theme which is, 'A View From The Window' (except from Maths). Our subjects are listed below as always and we have added links to click on to support learning.  Thanks so much for the lovely emails we have been receiving this week.  Please do not worry if you haven't uploaded work.  We know from your responses that you are working hard.  

Have a good week all.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi

Week beginning the 18th May 2020

Design and Technology

Week beginning 11th May

Hello Year Three,

Thanks for your wonderful work.  We are really enjoying hearing from you on Seesaw.  Please don't worry if you cannot attach your work, we have received emails from your parents and we know that you are all okay and working through your tasks at home.  We hope that VE Day was special for you and your families.  We were thinking of all of you.  Our work for the week is below and on Seesaw.  Keep well, keep happy and keep being supportive to one another.  

Warmest wishes,

Year Three Teachers

Week beginning the 11th May 2020

Spanish Home Learning

Week of 4th May/ VE Day celebrations

Hello Year Three,

We hope that you are all well.  It has been great to hear from you.  Remember that we have our class email to stay in contact with us as well as Seesaw.  On Thursday this week, the country will be celebrating VE Day.  Even though we are in lockdown, we can still join in marking the 75th year since Victory in Europe.  This week's schedule has links to lots of ways to join in.  English Heritage and the BBC have lots of resources and anything in yellow on the schedule means that we have uploaded documents on this website to help you.  Also, on this website, the Class Pages section has further resources for VE Day from Mrs Scott.  So happy VE day from us and please share how you celebrate by emailing us a picture, sending a message on Seesaw or simply keep your VE Day work for us at home.   Remember that any activities for VE Day can involve finding things that you already have at home. Stay safe, stay happy and stay locked down.  All of our best wishes to you.

Year Three Teachers

Week beginning the 4th May 2020
Spanish is on the curriculum information part of the website under MFL.
Please see Religion on this week's schedule document.

Week of 27th April

Hello Everyone,

We hope this finds you well.  Well done for moving ahead with your work here on the website and on Seesaw.  We know that you have been working hard in unusual times and we've enjoyed seeing what you have been doing.  Last week, one of the journal writing entries included camping out in the back garden to watch the stars - wonderful!  Keep working hard and remember to keep the rules of lockdown to stay happy and safe.  Best wishes for us here.  Year Three Staff

Week beginning the 27th April 2020

Hello again year three,

We hope that you are all well and thank you again for some of the lovely work you have been sending us on Seesaw.  As you know, we use the website and Seesaw for our home learning.  Some of the curricular areas we would like you to work on are outlined below here.  Others have already been uploaded to Seesaw.  Don't forget that Outdoor Learning Links and Spanish included here, also have some nice activities for you to be working on.

Best wishes for all of us here.

Week beginning 20th April 2020

English - Reading Comprehension (choose the second or third question sheet to do)


Although we begin our history topic, The Romans, in the second half of the summer term, please see this link for some recommended reading, which you may like to start, in advance of the topic launch

Outdoor Learning and Eco Council Update for Year 3

A letter from our PE advisor

Easter holidays

Dear all,

Please remember during this time of Holy Week, that you also have the narrative of the Stations of the Cross on Seesaw.  We would normally do this together in the playground but please take time to stop at each station and reflect in prayer.  You were also recreating your Lentern Promise on Seesaw.  Well done to all of you.

Easter holidays- optional activities to keep you busy!


Dear all. In these troubling times our faith becomes all the more important to us. On our 'Our Faith' page I have added many resources for RE that include prayers, Easter Stories, Learning resources and much more that you can share/do with your child. These resources are updated weekly. Please click on the link below, which will take you directly to Our Faith page.

Week beginning 30th March 2020
We hope that you are all okay and that you are able to work through some of our schedule for the week.  Remember this is only a guide.  Each family may have different ways of approaching our suggested learning.  The priority is the well being of you and your family.  Home schooling will feel different in lots of ways.  Make sure that you try to work but also take a break and understand that parents are trying to help you.  Below you can find this week's timetable. We will try to check in and look at the work that you do on Seesaw.  This comes with our warmest wishes.

Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi wink

A brilliant history video clip here plus other resources but do also look at Seesaw for art, reading, RE, history and geography resources this week.

Week 2 Extra work for Maths- only if needed!


Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Each child has a SEESAW website log in inside their school bags.  The correct log in is highlighted green.  Please disregard the other one in homework wallets as we needed to change log ins.  Thank you.  Mrs Lonergan and Mrs Ichtsi




Spelling Shed (10 min/day)

Each day your English objective is linked to History and Geography.  See the Steps to Success here to ensure that your written work is produced as a piece of writing. You will need an underlined non-fiction title and subheading and separate paragraphs.

Steps to Success for all written work this week is as follows:-

  1.  Read the whole piece.


  1. Check the meaning of unfamiliar words.


  1.  Jot down just the key words from each short paragraph or slide that you read from the powerpoint link.


  1.  Say a sentence aloud using the key word.


  1. Write the sentence in full.


  1. Read it back for sense and meaning/editing



TTRockstars (10 min/day)

Times tables practice

Write down the 3 and 4 times tables 4 times each.

Play on Topmarks:

Hit the button’

 ‘Coconut Multiples’

Maths Fishing’

Learn your tables’

Column Addition

Watch the video and then complete the column addition sheet.


Also on Seesaw

Column subtraction

Watch the video and then complete the column subtraction sheet.

Also on Seesaw


Choose the slide of the ‘Money’ powerpoint that you can do. Complete activity in your notebook.


Also on Seesaw

Using Money

Play ‘Toy Shop Money’ game. Choose Mixed coins/Exact money



Also on Seesaw


Soap experiment

Read the Instructions sheet.

Use the Recording sheet for your answers.

Also on Seesaw


Read and carry out the Plants investigation



STEM activity

Choose one of the Lego challenges to complete. Take a photo and post it on Seesaw explaining which challenge you did.

STEM activity

Do the Stick Build Challenge.


Take a photo on Seesaw


Read and carry out the Ball investigation

Also on Seesaw



Art - Create an A5 picture to go into your frame based on your Turner art work.  Recreate a smaller version of your larger class piece if you wish.



Geography – find out about the River Nile.  Where it is and why it was important during the time of the Ancient Egyptians. 

See the website for the powerpoint link.


History – Who were the Ancient Egyptians?  See the website for the powerpoint link.  Use your own key words to then create your own sentences to write a paragraph about this question.

Steps to Success:

Read, make key word notes, use the key word in a spoken sentence.  Write the sentence out.  Repeat.


Be able to read and retell the Stations of the Cross

Focus: First 4 stations.  The link here follows on from our class work last week.


Try to draw a picture with a description underneath.  The description should be 2 or 3 sentences.  Remember capitals for proper nouns.





Children’s Zumba video




Go Noodle video



Children’s Dance Along


Children’s Zumba video


Extra work if needed for English and Maths

Coronavirus Plans to Support Work at Home 


The most important things to continue daily are:

* Reading:

All children are able to log into using their AR log in details. On this site, the children will be able to access a huge variety of different books - all at the correct reading level for them. After reading the book, your child will be able to access and complete the AR quiz for their book.

* Times Tables:

Learning their times tables by heart and then practising theses on the TTRS website.  Their logins are in their Reading Record Books.

* Spellings:

Spelling Shed will have the spellings to be practising in your class set up each week.  You can test your child's spellings in sentences at the end of a week to see what they have remembered.  This is a good time to practise joined neat handwriting presentation while they learn the new spellings also.  Play as many games as possible online using their logins.


These are some very useful games to play online:

Top Marks – Hit the Button – great for quick Times Table practise before you go on TTRS.

Top Marks – Top Shop Money Game- great for practising using money in a real-life context.

Top Marks – Daily Ten – 10 maths questions based on addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions.  Children call out their answers to the question on screen or work out their answers and write them on paper.

Levels 2 and 3 are suitable for Year 3.  Level 4 could be used as a challenge.

Top Marks – Learn Your Tables – Helps to match questions to answers.

Top Marks – Number Fact Families – Finding related number facts using addition and subtraction OR multiplication and division. 

Maths Challenge Website - log in with TT Rockstars log in details.


Some fab science activities and challenges. Free to sign up to.


Useful resources 

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach will be doing a HIIT workout aimed at children every morning at 9am.

Free to sign up for families and educator.

Yoga for children.

Imovement : To sign up, all you need to do is use the link   its free to join just click on the link or follow on twitter @imovesactive   The imovement is separate to their paid for imoves and will be 100% free.

Homework week of 16th March

D&T Picture Frames

Still image for this video
The children worked hard today measuring and cutting wood in order to make frames for their beautiful landscape pictures!

A visitor from Mexico

Mice investigation- Science week

Still image for this video
The children investigated how the size of the bottle, weight of their mouse and amount of force applied affected the distance that their mouse managed to travel.

Stacking liquids.mp4

Still image for this video
Stacking up liquids!

Science Week

Thank you to Mrs Buet, who took a break from the busy office, to join in Show and Tell with year three.

Artist, William Turner is so highly regarded in the UK that his picture now appears on the new twenty pound note! Year three have been studying his stormy paintings and techniques.

Well being day in year 3

India Day

Still image for this video
A few photographs of all the activities we carried out during the day. It was great fun!

Forces investigation

Still image for this video
Children had the opportunity to plan and carry out their own investigation to test which surface would allow their car to travel the furthest.

Finding Features of Newspaper Reports

Homework week 15th January

Our project is complete and we thought about the changes we made and why in our evaluations

Design Technology: Japanese Landscape Architecture

Designs need a purpose. Our next step will be bringing our design outside to create a peaceful place at HFS.

Homework 2nd December

Homework 25th November

Homework Letter 18th November

SPELLING SHED Year 3 spellings coverage

A Parent's Guide to Support Children at Home with APPs

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you so much for supporting the class during their mass this week when the theme was rocks.  The children thoroughly enjoyed performing 'Jesus is the Rock' and we hope that you enjoyed viewing their wonderful work in class afterwards.  If you couldn't join us, we shared your child's work with staff.  All were rewarded for their hard work and efforts.  Look out for the next homework letter, as we are making plans to do some landscape architecture for our next around the world day.  The country studied will be on Japan.  We will need enough shoe box lids for each child so please do try to send in any you may have. 

Kind regards,

Year Three Staff

Curriculum overview for Autumn Term

Planning, composition and using paragraphs in our writing

Homework 8th October

Rock and Roll Dance - Year Three Cross-Curricular Learning

Science- Rocks and soils

Still image for this video
In Science, we spent the last few weeks learning about the different types of rocks we see all around us, how these rocks are formed and what they may be used for. We also had great fun finding out what fossils are. We even had a go at making replica fossils ourselves!

Around the World Day- Japan

Still image for this video
As part of our 'Around the World ' day, we looked at a traditional Japanese story and created our own version of the story, had a go at sketching cherry blossom trees (which are widely found in Japan during spring), solved a variety of sudoku puzzles and enjoyed making an origami bookmark.

Hyde Hall

Still image for this video
We had a wonderful day at Hyde Hall where the children were able to carry out a variety of activities involving rocks and soils.

Come and See Parent Letter - Autumn Term 2019