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Year 3

Year 3 ROMANS Overview - Summer 2018

Year 3 Timetable: (remove ear rings on PE days please)

Monday - Swimming - please be at Sports Centre by 3.00pm to collect children as I shall leave promptly at 3.10pm to return to school with any uncollected children.

Tuesday - Outdoor PE (trainers needed)

                 Hand CPG books in (place in their own trays for marking)

                 Spellings and Times Tables Quizzes

                 New spellings and times tables recorded/handed out

Thursday - Return class pet (Alexa) with completed diary written by her and your                                 child in provided rucksack

                  Hand loose sheet homework in plastic folders (homework tray in class)

                  PPA afternoon - change classes for different sessions

                  Homework/Newsletter to be handed out

Friday - Class pet goes home with someone at the end of the day



June 2018 - Games Week Year 3 and 4 Intra Sports Competition: Cricket

May 2018 - Round the World Day: creating Faberge Eggs

May 2018 - Round the World Day - RUSSIA

May 2018 - Maths Outdoor Learning - Measuring

May 2018 - Pentecost and prayers to the Holy Spirit

April 2018 - Art - Body Shapes

April 2018 - Science - Food Groups Beetle Dice game

April 2018 - Maths and Outdoor Learning - Money and Directions

April 2018 - Practical Learning Maths - Money

Year 3 Stone Age Overview - Spring 2018

March 2018 - Creating volcanoes

March 2018 - Completing stone age rock designs

March 2018 - Sports Relief Day

For Sports Relief, the children have participated daily in a walking challenge (10 times round both playgrounds) to total a school amount of 1,000 miles in a week.  We also had Eco Travel this week and have been trying to ditch the car where possible - instead, choosing to travel on bike, scooter or walking.  Well done everyone.

Wednesday 7th March 2018 - Year 3 Parent Share Meeting

Multiplication and Division

It was so lovely to see many of you attend the after-school meeting to learn about how we teach Multiplication and Division at Holy Family School and how you can help to support your child at home.

I hope it was useful and for those who were unable to attend, the documents and presentation are here below.  Please print off and feel free to come and see me if there is anything you are unsure of.

Many thanks, Mrs Scott.

March 2018 - Mighty Oaks - speaking, listening and performing skills

March 2018 - RE drama

March 2018 - Maths practical multiplication and division

March 2018 - Book Day

February 2018 - Science Week's Work

February 2018 - Around the World Day...A Trip to China

February - Mental Health Week and E-Safety Day

PE - Cross Country Preparation and Football

2nd February 2018 - 100TH DAY IN YEAR 3 CELEBRATIONS

Class Assembly

What a lovely assembly the children produced all by themselves this term by creating scripts in English lessons.  I was a very proud teacher as they shared their team work to create dramas linked to our science plants topic (seed dispersal methods) and history topic (Stone Age - bow and arrow advert).  They shared reflective and thoughtful pieces written about our topic in RE, 'Journeys'.  Finally, the Rock and Roll dance routine that they had been creating in groups was performed with hip wiggling and gusto - well done all of you.

Spring 2018 - Class Worship

Happiness and Relaxation - December 2017

After a week of assessments and three Christmas performances, the children in Year 3 decided to have a Happiness and Relaxation morning straight after.  So we bought in blankets, a cuddly toy and slippers and snuggled up on cushions to watch a DVD together.  It was lovely and much needed after all their hard work.  

December 2017 - RE Drama and freeze frame based on Isaiah 40: 1-5

November and December 2017 - Preparing for Jesus - Advent - Jesse Tree

November 2017 - Children in Need day - 'All unique - All different'

November 2017: Science - Shadows

KS2 Cinema Trip - November 2017

Our first group of Brag Tags have been earned!

Our new class pet, named Alexa by the children. She is looking forward to spending time with you at home.

September 2017 - Outdoor learning - Active Maths

Art - sketching sunflowers - close observation

Outdoor Learning: English Drama- Thought Tracking - King Tutankhamen's tomb discovery by Howard Carter

Practical Place Value Maths

PE Fitness Test at the beginning of the term...can we improve by the Spring Term??

RE-Prayer Stones

Art and DT - Egyptian Death Masks made from balloons

ICT - Ipad work - QR Reader Egyptian Quiz

RE - Learning how to pray with the new gift of a set of Rosary beads

October 2017 - Egyptian Class Assembly

October 2017


We have participated in many tasks and activities to learn about England.

Treasure Trail Map work: recognising the invisible longitude and latitude lines that help navigation around the globe.  Children recapped their knowledge from Year 2 on naming continents and seas/oceans.

Outdoor Essex County Activity: the outside boundary of Essex was created with chalk and ropes.  The children then had a map of Essex and had to identify where certain cones were in relation to Witham and which towns or villages they represented.

Front cover work: the children coloured a map of the UK and identified the areas which are part of it.

Laptop and atlas work: the children identified rivers in the UK and labelled these using an atlas and map to work out which was which - and which part of the UK they were in.

Definitions Game: children used their recent knowledge of new vocabulary introduced about rivers and matched definitions to words - a dictionary was used if they were unsure.  We shall play a game with this later in the term.

Happiness and Relaxation Day - October 2017 - Body Balance with Lydia

2017_Autumn Curriculum Overview_The Egptians