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Year 3

Homework Note 20th June

RELIGION UPDATE:  This week year three have been learning about how we live in love.  This means that we have been exploring our physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.  This helps us to learn how our close family and friends are important to us.

Pirates of the Caribbean - treasure hunt map making and geography

Testing reflective materials

Testing reflective materials

Class Worship

Maths Treasure Hunt

Come and See Letter- Summer Term

Please check your child's bag.  They have homework inside to follow-up on our recent pupil progress meetings.  No spellings given for the holiday.  I will check their spellings given out last week on THURSDAY 30th.  These are:


Spellings Group One - ation suffix: sensation, operation, position, information, mention


Spellings Group Two - ation suffix: above words and determination, publication, multiplication, preparation, admiration



People Who Give: Come in to share your child's published work about somebody giving in their lives. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 28th March after school.

Investigating magnetic force

Using stopwatches to time how long to complete a range of challenges

Giving All - Our Lentern Promises

Science- investigating forces

Listening and Sharing - Our class favourite Gospel story in drama

Maths - Geometry: Finding Rights Angles in our Environment

Understanding Scripture in Religious Education

Week of 20th February Homework

Thanks for joining us for our assembly on Journeys, in line with our current Religion topic.  All uniforms for outside clubs went home today.




Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Next week, we will be celebrating our learning in our class assembly.  We hope that you will join us on Tuesday 31st at 9am.  Our theme will be Journeys.  This is our Religion topic. 

Tag Rugby - we will need to send home muddy PE kits weekly. Thank you for returning kit again by Wednesday.

Gymnastic Skills - Balance and Movement

We have been learning to play The Saints during our keyboard lessons.

Spring Term Curriculum Map

Parent Letter Come and See Spring Term 2017

Growth mindset

Year 3/4 cross country

CHRISTMAS PLAY - Thanks for sending in costumes by Thursday1st.  If your child isn't in the Nativity Tableau, they need to be in bare feet and dark coloured clothing, which we will dress up with tinsel.  This is for the first star song.  For the next song we do, they need to put a colourful top on top of this clothing and wear a baseball or sun hat and sunglasses if you have them, for our Australian Christmas song.  Thank you.

Food technology and Christmas art

Hyde Hall Trip - learning about rocks and soil

We finished our Promises topic in Religion. Thank you for all your involvement in this. Today was filled with celebrating with Year Three's first visit to the cinema with the Key Stage Two team.

We completed our fitness records this week. Well done Year Three!

Maths: Using times tables to work with fractions

Keyboards with our specialist

Creating prayer journals outside


English/Art: Making BFG dream jars

Art using natural products - an introduction to cave painting

Overview of Learning Autumn Term

PSHE Fire Safety