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Year 2

Spring 2020 Overview - Where in the World and Regal Royalty


December 2019 - Maths Measuring Parcels for the Post Office

December 2019 - Maths Money Challenge- how much is in my purse

December 2019_Advent Prayer Service

December 2019_The Wriggly Nativity Christmas Play

November 2019 - Table Maths - adding three single-digit numbers

November 2019 - Science Sorting animals

November 2019 - Children in Need

November 2019 - Art/History - Remembrance Day Poppies

November 2019 - History G F of L - comparing past and present

November 2019 - Happiness and Relaxation afternoon - film, treats and mindfulness colouring

November 2019 - Happiness and Relaxation afternoon - film, treats and mindfulness colouring 1
November 2019 - Happiness and Relaxation afternoon - film, treats and mindfulness colouring 2

November 2019 - Art PPA - Using paint and colour to create PTA Christmas Cards

November 2019 - History Great Fire of London

October 2019 - Year 2 Class Assembly

October 2019 - Science Materials Investigation - Waterproof the Present

October 2019 - RE Celebrations Assembly - Harvest Foodbank

September 2019 - Maths - Counting in steps and representing word problems

September 2019 - English and Art - Dream catchers and worry dolls

September 2019 - Geography and Maths - Outdoor Compass

September 2019 - Maths Outside Learning - Comparing Numbers

September 2019 - Science Investigation - Which materials are best to use so the wolf can not blow the house down?

September 2019 - Meeting our new class pet, Catkin

September 2019 - Maths Outside - Place Value and number line work

September 2019 - Science Outdoor Learning - Material detectives and sharing our findings

September 2019 - RE and Art The Creation Story

September 2019 - Maths Place Value

SPELLING SHED year 2 spellings coverage

A Parent's Guide to Support Children at Home with APPs

Come and See Parent Letter - Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome back to school after what I hope was a fantastic summer holiday.  The children have been sharing their holiday news; some with their amazing stones they have decorated....only a few children left to share their memories with the class now.


This term our main topics are 'Where in the World?' and ’Fire! Fire!’  Keep an eye out for pictures of the children at work in their new class as the weeks progress...


I have attached the overview of the term's topic.

Year 2 Time Table (updated 20.09.19):


Outdoor PE (with trainers). TTRS daily.


TTRS daily.


Spellings Quizzes. TTRS daily.


Indoor PE (with plimsolls).

Return class pet in bag with diary.

PPA afternoon – Art and PE.

Class newsletter handed out with spellings on this.  TTRS daily.


Class pet chooses who to spend the week with.

TTRS sheet sent home.

Results of times tables (TTRS sheet)

Changing Reading Books:

At the moment, the children and myself are creating a routine that is workable.  They are responsible for letting me know daily if they are due to do an AR quiz (these will be numbered in the front of their reading book if there is one available) or need to change their reading book once it is completed.  If they are on slim books, we may provide more than one to read during the week and change them less often. 

If they have completed their book but have no AR quiz, they will be provided with a book review to complete now and then instead.