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Year 2

RE Treasure Statement Game

RE Treasures Topic

We have enjoyed sharing ideas about God's treasures and took some lovely photos around the school to demonstrate our thoughts and ideas.

We then considered God's treasures all around the world in our larger community and how we can help to support and look after these how God has trusted us to.

Next we worked in groups to play a game where we picked a statement and reasoned whether it was a statement to look after the treasure's in the world or not and discussed our thoughts with each other.

Year 2 Summer Class Assembly

Danbury School Trip - PHOTOS BELOW

Meadow Sweeping - sweeping for bugs in the long grasses.

On the way, we were Scavengers and carried out a Scavenger Hunt with our partners looking for things like white clover, buttercups, a scented petal, 3 different types of grasses, etc.

Pond Dipping - on the way to the pond, we collected as many buttercups as we could and squished them in our pots to make a potion to leave for the bees.  We found loads more bugs in the pond habitat.  Every child safely swept the water and investigated in the tray using a Key Chart to help identify the bugs.  

After lunch, we created our own butterfly life-cycle on a piece of thin rope: we started with the egg (a stone or something round).  Next was the caterpillar (a stick).  Now a cocoon (rolled up leaf) and finally the butterfly (a feather to show it has wings and flies).  We then made our way to the woodland habitat.  On our way, we made a 'leaf kebab' using a stick and as many different types of leaves as we could find.  Annie helped us identify these by their shape.  When we arrived, we started with tree climbing.

Woodland Habitat - We searched for bugs once more in all sorts of places and were amazed how many different types we found.  Next we created mini habitat dens for them and placed our leaf kebabs to be eaten by minibeasts and placed any bugs we had found inside them.  We then made some mud animals to put in our mini dens also.

The day flew by and we had an amazing time. 

Danbury School Trip - Habitats


We have enjoyed our really special week to reflect on our faith with the theme ‘This Little Light of Mine’.

Monday: We enjoyed an introduction assembly with Mr Kelly and then we began to use our Heaven’s Postal Service, where we could go in the role play area and write a letter to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  We also participated in a whole school procession.  We also began to create a special candle holder from clay for the special candle we are taking home to use to pray when we need.

Tuesday: We wrote prayers and coloured in our ‘hats’ sheet to remind us that we should work as a team and love all, wherever people are from, whatever their differences or similarities – everyone is unique and special and we should respect and celebrate this and thank God for our specialness.

Wednesday: Mr Kelly led a fantastic class session, where the children listened and discussed the meaning of some scripture, shared prayers together, passed a candle and blessed each other and created a prayer to thank God with actions.  The children added their unique thumb prints to the class wooden crosses and began to make some special fingerprint key rings.

Thursday: The class spent some time in the dedicated prayer room and shared some of their special bible stories and prayers with the rest of the class.  They also prayed for each other as they passed round a candle.  It was a very special reflective time.  We took home our painted candle holders.

Friday: Father David visited our class and shared a special prayer with us.  To end the week, we shared a beautiful mass together led by Father David.  We have prepared a prayer box which we can add to in the future and look forward to reading these during the coming weeks.

Mission Week - Clay candle holders

Mission Week - General Photos

Mission Week - Mr Kelly class session

Citizenship Award nominations

Celebrating our Year 2 Citizenship Award nominations - well done Lucy and Toby for your continued growth mindset and excellent attitude towards all work.  Outstanding role models in class and superb consistent effort in all tasks applying themselves to their utmost each and every time.  Congratulations, we are all so proud of you.
Scientific Enquiry...the children were set the challenge, in teams, to find out which material would provide the strongest house to withstand the Big Bad Wolf attempting to blow down the houses created.  We then tested it by placing a little Pig inside to see how long it would take to blow down the house (if at all) within 2 minutes...we observed carefully what happened and recorded our findings.

Creating Pig House Designs in our Teams

Collective Worship - 3rd May 2017


We have been having great fun dressed up as our favourite story characters today!  Our day started with teachers from different classes reading to us from their favourite books.  We were able to discuss our favourite books and characters too!


Next we had a Book Cafe.  In class we had dens set up at our tables and we were able to read in the dens or share a book with Mrs Scott - she read 'Zog' her favourite book.  After this, we had a drink and biscuit as a special treat.


For the rest of the morning, we shared different Bible stories and then wrote about our favourite one in a special book review to make into a special book for our RE display.  We thought about the messages in the stories and how they help us to 'live out' God's message and rules in our everyday lives.


Year Two RE Class Celebrations

We have missed Father David at our masses so we have made sure we have made our class celebrations special. We light a candle and listen to a story from the Bible. We talk about the message in the story and how it helps us to 'live out' God's message in our everyday lives.

100th Day Celebrations in Year 2 - Wednesday 1st February 2017

What a fantastic and fun day we had celebrating all things '100'!

We had...designing logos linked to the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Diocese of Brentwood and our school community, which we then drew on our t-shirts...finding as many ways to make 100 and writing it directly on our tables!!...balloon writing - how many ways to make £1.00...Potion Making - measuring using scales...100 square challenge - solving number calculations to colour a picture...100 square jigsaw puzzle - cutting out and putting together a 100 square using the facts we know about what it looks like and how it is laid out...

It was a busy and enjoyable day - we can't believe 100 days has gone by so quickly in Year 2!!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all.


The children have been working on the four different sentence types this week and are excited about starting our new topic about Explorers and Journeys.  I have added posters to support this sentence work below - it is quite confusing!


Our new topic in RE this term is 'Books' - remember to let your child bring in their favourite book to share in class next week (week beginning 16th January 2017).



Parent Letter Come and See Spring Term 2017

Noisy Nativity Practice

Noisy Nativity - KS2 Performance

This morning we performed in front of the Key Stage 2 children for the first time in our costumes - we all looked fabulous!

We are looking forward to performing to our families on Wednesday.

When some children are away, others have stepped in bravely to take their places - so some of the photos may have children missing.

PE - Intra School Cross Country Competition

Year 1 and Year 2 children competed against each other in a Cross Country competition this week.  We all persevered and managed to complete the course - even though it was hard work!


The top three boys and girls won medals.

Design and Technology

We have made our final bread rolls - creating our own version by adding different ingredients.

We have begun to evaluate our products to decide what we would do differently next time.

RE-Judaism assembly

Judaism - we have been learning about a different religion recognising the similarities and differences in other's beliefs.  Everybody is unique and has the right to choose what they belief in and who they worship.  The Festival of Light story of Hannukah celebrates this fact in this Jewish religion.


Mr Sorsby celebrated an assembly with us and we learned even more about this very special religion.

Maths - Multiply and Divide

In Maths lessons we have been learning how to multiply, divide and share in lots of different ways.

In Science lessons we are learning about things that are living, dead (used to be living once or was part of something that had been living) or never been alive.

We explained our reasons to our friends as we took photos on the Ipads and shared these in class with our class.

We then recorded in our books our findings.

Every single person earned a sticker for their effort and hard work to explain their choices and reasons.  Well done Year 2.

Science with Ipads - Outside Learning

Year 2 have been busy over the last few weeks completing their Fitness assessments in the hall with Mr Fyfe.  We measure these every term to see our improved fitness ability and try to beat our previous scores.

We also used these fitness assessments in our Maths lesson to practise recording on the sheet to show our knowledge of comparing numbers between a range, e.g. 10-20, 21-35, etc.

While the weather has been fine, we have tried to take our learning outside!

Here are some photos of us taking our Maths learning outside - 2d shape and sorting in Venn diagrams.

We also practised our team work!

Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome back to school after what I hope was a fantastic summer holiday.  The children have been sharing their holiday news and special things they have collected in their summer boxes...only a few children left to share their memories with the class.


This term our main topic is 'London: Past and Present'.  Keep an eye out for pictures of the children at work in their new class as the weeks progress...


I have attached the overview of the term's topic.

Autumn Term Overview 2016

Year 2 children have created their own class agreement to run alongside the Golden Rules.  In class, when these rules are followed there are rewards like raffle tickets, team points and special certificates.  If the rules are not followed there are consequences.


PE days are:

Alternate Mondays (outside weather permitting - please provide trainers as the field will begin to get slippery soon)

Alternate Tuesday – during PPA sessions with Mr Fyfe (outside weather permitting)

Friday - inside PE

Please ensure children can remove their own ear rings (there is a mirror in class).  If they can’t put them back in, I will send them home in an envelope or you can send in a little pot for them to place them in safely so that they do not get lost from class to home.  If they are unable to remove them by themselves, please ensure they are not wearing them on these days.  All clothing needs to be clearly labelled.



Homework will be set each Friday (sent home in their named plastic wallets).  Please could you encourage your child to return these to the homework tray by Thursday morning.  When the children’s Reading Record book has been signed and dated three times to show you have finished reading or doing activities based on the book with them, the children are expected to place it in a tray in class which they have been shown.  When we then are able to go to the library, the children will be able to change their reading books themselves.  Spellings will usually be tested on a Wednesday or Thursday – these are completed on sheets and will be placed in their bags on the day they are tested so you can see which ones they still need to practise and new spelling sheets will be sent home on this day.  They will usually have the opportunity to change their Library books on a Thursday – it is handy to have these in a named plastic carrier within their bag so we don’t confuse their library book with their reading book.

Superhero's of Year Two - rewards for fantastic independent effort

Michael and Bob - our friend who stays over at people's houses

Science Investigation - BFG's Frobscottle (fizzy lemonade!) and raisins