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5th January 2021


Dear Parents

You will know after the government announcement that sadly HFS is closed until after the February half term.  This means that all children should remain at home, with the exception of agreed vulnerable (we don’t have any pupils in Foundation who meet this criteria) and agreed Keyworker (both parents/single parent household) children who once it has been agreed with Mrs Kelliher can be onsite for times when their parent is at work. Any shift workers will need to provide rotas.


Please see class emails and our usual online learning platforms.


Mrs Kelliher has also put lots of information on the coronavirus page on the school website (go to the Key Information tab)


Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Spring Term Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Remote Learning week beginning 5th January 2021

Please go back from this page to the 'Class Pages' - scroll down to 'Remote Learning'. Look for the Year 1 Remote Learning Star. Click on the star and you will find suggested activities for the week. I will be emailing all Year 1 parents, and will be communicating via Tapestry too with updates about remote learning for this week and next week. 

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term of Year 1. I am very excited about this term even if it is getting off to a strange start. We are going to make the best of the situation, and hopefully we can all have fun while continuing our learning. 

The teachers are having a meeting (remotely) today (Tuesday) and we will then update you about how we will be ‘teaching’ the children going forward. I used Tapestry, email and the Year 1 class page before during the first Lockdown and this worked very well, so my feeling at the moment is that I will continue to do so for the next 2 weeks. You had a little taste of what that would be like when we were all isolating in the last week of term before Christmas.

There is an overview of the planning for this week on the Class Remote Learning page, and this is where I will continue to upload work and resources each week for this half term. When I plan for remote learning, I always try to carefully consider what each family’s situation at home might be like, and the availability of resources and a printer. Please do not worry about printing worksheets if you do not have a printer or you run out of ink. I upload worksheets/ activity pages as an option, but will always provide suggestions of an alternative way of recording the activity. I tend also to set quite a few activities to give you options and for you to choose what works best for your child and your family. Please do not worry if you do not get it all completed. I know that it can be difficult having the children at home and taking on the role of teacher can be tricky, but I also know that you are all amazingly supportive and I really appreciate all that you do. I am here to support your children and all of you, so please do not hesitate to email or send a message via Tapestry with you concerns, queries or successes (I am certain there will be lots of those 😇🌟).

It’s all going to be fine 😇!

Lots of love,
Mrs Eardley

Wednesday, 16th December, Thursday, 17th December & Friday 18th December  

Thank you so much for the photos and messages about how you enjoyed Polar Express/ Pyjama Day! They made me smile smiley.


I know how Year 1 love to spend time in our Creating Station in the classroom, so I thought we could have a few 'Creating Day(s)'. You have some of the items you will need in your 'Goodie Bag' which you took home with you on Monday, but you will need a few items from around your house. Be sure to ask your Mum or Dad before using anything wink


Activities for today, tomorrow & Friday: 

  • Paper chains - use the paper chain worksheet (see below) to make one long paper chain. How many chains can you link together? If you are enjoying making paper chains, you could decorate blank paper, cut it into equal strips and make more paper chains, or you could use wrapping paper cut into strips. I'd love to see photos of your paper chains.  (You will need scissors and a glue stick). 
  • Advent calendar - I have uploaded 2 different Advent Calendar activities. You can either: design your own Advent Calendar OR colour in each of the pictures and numbers to make your own Advent Calendar. You could cross off the days we have had already and work out how many days we have left until Christmas! (You will need colouring pencils). 
  • Wooden Star - you  will find a wooden star in your Goodie Bag. It is your star to remind you that you are a 'Superstar'. You could decorate it by writing your name on it with a felt tip or marker pen . If you have sticky gems at home, you could add some of those to your star OR if you have glitter & glue at home, you could cover the star in glue and then press it down onto a plate of glitter!
  • Pine cone - you will find a pine cone in your Goodie Bag. Usually when we do this activity at school, we make a Christmas decoration with the pine cone by dipping it in glue (PVA glue) and then in glitter. If you do not have these items at home, you could use a mixture of icing sugar and water to make a 'slightly runny paste' and then dip the pine cone in the mixture. Your could try using a glue stick on individual parts of the pine cone and then sprinkle some sugar on it. If you have cotton wool, you could use little pieces of cotton wool to look like snow. Find a piece of thin thread, tie it around your pine cone and hang it on your Christmas tree. 
  • Wooden disc - you will find a wooden disc along with a red & white piece of string to make a Christmas decoration. You could use some glue and cotton wool to make a snow scene or you could draw a Christmas design on it. If you have glitter, you could put some glue on half of the disc and dip that have in glitter. You could use a piece of foil to create a shiny disc. Ask your Mum or Dad to help you to thread the string through the hole so that you can hang your decoration on your tree. 
  • Christmas Stockings - you will find an outline of a Christmas stocking below which you can print out and use OR Mum or Dad could draw the outline of a Christmas stocking on a piece of paper or card for you to decorate. Carefully print your name on it and then decorate it ready to hang as a decoration in your house. You could add Christmas stickers if you have some at home. Challenge: create a repeating pattern to go onto your Christmas stocking like we did for our December calendars on Monday. e.g. you might draw 2 candy canes, 1 Christmas tree, 2 candy canes, 1 Christmas tree, etc in rows on your Christmas stocking. 
  • Christmas cards - you should have 2 pieces of coloured card in your Goodie Bag. 
  1.     Christmas card # 1 - you will need 1 piece of card, scissors, a glue stick, strips of colourful wrapping paper,  a star sticker or you can draw the star.  (see instructions below)
  • Christmas card # 2 - you will need 1 piece of card, white paper cut into 3 wide strips, a black pencil/ pen, black paper/ card (or you can draw a hat for the snowman and cut it out), brown paper for the arms, orange paper for the nose (or you can draw the arms and nose and cut them out). (see instructions below).
  • A letter to Santa - write a letter to Santa telling him about the activities that you have been doing at home and the film that you watched. You could tell him about what you have been doing to be kind and helpful at home. Remember to use a capital letter to start a sentence, and a full stop at the end of a sentence. Keep those letters on the line (don't let them float up & away) & like soldiers in a row. 
  • Listen to some lovely Christmas stories - see links below. 
  • Watch CBeebies presents ' Christmas in Storyland' - see link below. 


Paper Chain Template

Christmas Stocking templates

Christmas Cards - Tree and Snowman - Instructions and pictures

🌲Ten Christmas Wishes 🌲 Bedtime Stories 🌲 Children's Books Read Aloud 🌲

The Night Before Christmas Read Along

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. MooreAge Range: 5 - 8 yearsGrade Level: Kindergarten - 3rdPaperback: 24 pagesPublisher: Western Publishing Company, ...

Update: Polar Express/ Pyjama Day (15th December 2020)

Usually around this time of year, 'The Polar Express' movie is on just about every television channel for free. However, this year this does not seem to be the case. It is available on Amazon Prime and on Sky to rent or buy for a small amount. If you do not have a copy of the film or you are unable to rent or purchase it today, please do not worry. There are so many other lovely Christmas movies for children; please feel free to choose another one instead. smiley

Activities for the day:

  • Listen to the story of The Polar Express (see link below for a reading by Liam Neeson)
  • Stay in your pyjamas all day!
  • Watch The Polar Express (or another Christmas movie) enjoying hot chocolate and popcorn (or other snacks/ treats)
  • Find out about steam engines ... how do they work? When were they invented? How do trains work today? (see 2 links below) 
  • Build a steam engine using recycling (junk modelling) or you could use lego, building blocks, or other toys. Can you make carriages to carry some of your toys to the North Pole? How many carriages can you build? How many do you need? Measure how long your train is! 


Pyjama Day & The Polar Express

Dear Parents, 

Tomorrow (Tuesday 15th December) would have been our Polar Express Pyjama Day. I am so sad that we are not able to be at school to enjoy this fun activity together. Please could you allow your child to have a Pyjama Day at home? If possible, they could watch the movie, 'The Polar Express' as we would have done at school. Below is a link to a reading of the book which will be lovely for the children to listen to. (I would have read them the book before watching the film tomorrow).  I was also planning on making them some hot chocolate with marshmallows as a special treat! wink 

'Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see.' 

Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg & read by Liam Neeson

Read aloud of the book The Polar Express by Liam Neeson

Steam Trains For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles

Join Gecko for a ride on a steam train through the mountains, and learn all about the different parts of a steam train and how they work. This trains for ch...

Smarty Moose - How in the World does a Steam Engine Work? Episode 1 - Locomotives - Trains for Kids

Year 1 Autumn Term Overview (2nd half):

Below you will find an overview of the topics and themes we will be looking at over the course of the half term. 

Half-term Homework (October 2020)

Below you will find copies of the number homework which the children should have brought home in their book bags. 

Year 1 - Autumn Term (first half)

Our theme for this half term is 'Weather, Witham and Wings'. Below you will find an overview of the learning which will be covered. We love it when the children discuss their learning with you and have experiences at home which link with the themes we are looking at in class. 




Year 1 Autumn Term Overview (1st half)



The children are really enjoying their PE lessons and Mr Fyfe is very impressed with their behaviour and enthusiasm. There are still a few children in our class who do not have the full PE kit that is required. Please do ensure that you have sent in ALL the PE kit listed below as soon as possible. The weather will change soon, but this will not affect our PE lessons. We do still go outside to do PE despite it being muddy! Trainers are essential for outdoor PE, and we use plimsoles for indoor PE or if your child's school shoes get wet during the day. 


PE Kit list:

  • Trainers
  • Plimsoles
  • A pair of socks
  • Black PE shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Green sweatshirt/ tracksuit top

Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled and brought to school in a drawstring PE bag.

PE days: Monday and Friday

Children should have their PE kit at school every day

Please also ensure that earrings are not worn to school on PE days, and that (as per the school rules) hair is tied back and is off the shoulders. 

Reading in Year 1 - a little bit of guidance ...

Homework Helper

Each child will receive a copy of our Year 1 'Homework Helper'. This booklet is NOT a homework book, but has lists and activities which you can use particularly in the event of a lock down or if you & your family are required to quarantine/ self-isolate. Below you will find copies of most of the pages in the 'Homework Helper' (HH) so that you can download and print them if you need additional copies. From time to time, I will ask your child to use their HH to practise or learn spellings, words, maths facts. Please ensure that this booklet it kept in your child's book bag as we do sometimes refer to them and use them in school. 

Dear Parents and Children, 


I am looking forward to seeing you in September. Mrs Kemp and I have been working hard to make sure that our classroom is ready and full of lots of interesting and exciting things for all of you. We hope you have a wonderful summer holiday!



Mrs Eardley and Mrs Kemp

Summer Reading Challenge


Welcome to Year 1.  Below is a link for the Summer Reading Challenge from the libraries.  Even if you can't get to a library, you can still participate in the challenge online.


📚📚📚The library have released their Summer Reading Challenge. Please follow the link below to access this wonderful reading activity!📚📚📚