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Spring 1

Doing our 'thing' in cheer dance PE sessions...

100th day in Year Two...

What a busy and brilliant day we have had. Every child worked on a balloon on a stick to complete some Stations with 10 challenges to aim to complete.  These were taken home at the end of the day. They also...

* measured ingredients including 100g and 100ml to make pancakes

* made friendship bands for friends to celebrate our time together

* sudoku puzzles

* 100 square picture challenge

* what can we do in 100 seconds?

* measuring how many 'bits' of liquid to make 100ml, e.g. How many 20ml make 100ml, how many 5ml make 100ml

* 100 reasons why we love Year 2!

* 100 day news report...thinking what the would be like and have in 100 years time

* pink balloon challenge...counting in steps to see how many days away from the 100th day we were...number line work...then popping them all at the end of the day!


We have started our term with a flying start!


We had our first information Sharing Session with our parents. The children enjoyed sharing their writing books and talking about their targets.  We plan to have a Phonics Sharing Session after our Mass next week so if you can please feel free to stay and watch a Phonics and Spelling session. We will then send similar games for you to make and use at home...


We had a very exciting parcel arrive in class today sent from Antarctica...



Antarctica Surprise Delivery...

Our new penguin friend will be happy in our cold and icy area...

Icy role play area

Icy role play area 1

Spring Term Topic Overview