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School Times


School Times

(under COVID arrangements from September 2020 until further notice)



Year Group Arrival Departure
Years 5 and 6 8:40am 3:00pm
Years 3 and 4 8:50am 3:10pm
Years 1 and 2 9:00am 3:20pm

 EYFS               9:00am  3:00pm (for Autumn 1)


It will be essential that all families stick to their child’s allocated arrival/departure time. 


If you have children in two or more classes please arrive and drop your children at the earliest time.  Any younger siblings will then be able to wait in class or playground (Supervised).  Collection should be at the later time.  So for example if you have children in years 1 and 5, you would drop both children off at 8:40am, and then collect them both at 3:20pm (the older sibling would wait in class) until 3:20pm.



SCHOOL TIMES (in normal circumstances)


8.50 a.m.         -           12.00 noon 

          1.00 p.m.         -             3.10 p.m.  (KS2)

           1.15 p.m.         -             3.10 p.m.  (KS1)


8.50 – 9.00



10.15 – 10.30

KS2 Morning Break


10.30 – 10.45

KS1 Morning Break

(On Wednesdays – whole school break after Mass – 10.30)


12.00 – 1.00

KS2 Lunch Break


12.00 – 1.15

KS1 Lunch Breach



Afternoon Registration



End of School Day

Foundation pupils handed over to their parents in the FS play-area.

Year 1 and 2 handed to parents from the FS gate by class teacher

Years 3 to 6 Class Teachers walk pupils to the front of the school to meet parents.