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School Council minutes 5/12/19

School Council Members 2019-20

Minutes 24/10/19

Minutes of meeting 27-2-19

Minutes of school council meeting 30/1/19

School Council organise new play equipment for a new year!

Minutes of our last meeting.

The School Council is made up of elected class representatives of children from Years 1-6. Classes elect their own representatives and children hold office for the full academic year.


Our school councillors for 2018-9 are;

Year 6: Chair Etornam

            Vice Maddie

            Secretary Marc

            Treasurer Sophie

             Class reps Riley and Grace

Year 5: Aaron and Bella

Year 4: Akorfa and Erin

Year 3: Harrison and Sofia

Year 2: Victoria and Michael

Year 1: Violet and David.


The school council meet every half term to discuss issues that affect pupils including; school meals, play equipment, charity fundraising, pupil safety and well being etc.If there is anything you would like us to discuss, please let your class representative know.