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New Parent/Child Induction Information

2019 Cohort at Holy Family Catholic Primary, Induction Timetable 


Thank you to all those that were able to meet us for a tour around the school with the children again, it was lovely to see you all together and get to put names to faces. These are the remaining dates for our continuing Induction Timetable. Please do try to attend these for your own personal information and to help establish a relationship for your children with the Foundation teachers. 


Wednesday 26th June - pupils with parents 

Group 1 9.15 - 10am  Play carousel and activities

Group 2 10.45 - 11.30 am


Tuesday 2nd July - parents only 

Parent Information session in main hall with refreshments

2 - 3pm - uniform details, everyday routines and staffing 


Wednesday 10th July - pupils to visit and play in class 

Group 1 9.15 - 10 am

Group 2 10.45 - 11.30 am

First Day in Foundation and Key starting dates

W/B: Monday 9th September– Half day sessions.

Parents and children to go to the Foundation play gate and wait for the session to begin at 8.50 am or 1.15 pm. Please collect your child from the same play area at 11.30 am or 3.00 pm

No child will be allowed to leave school unless we can see you waiting outside the gate and can pass them directly to you.

By leaving at 3.00 children will meet you before the rest of the school begin to leave.

Contact class teacher via email –

W/B: 3rd September – home visits by prior appointment

 W/B: 9th September: Group 1 (mornings), Group 2 (afternoons)

W/B: 16th September: Group 2 (mornings), Group 1 (afternoons)

Please note

Thursday 19th - all pupils in for the am session, finishing at 11.45

Friday 20th - all pupils in for the am session and staying for lunch, collection at 1.15

W/B: 23rd September – Full time timetable begins



Our rationale for Early Years at Holy Family Catholic Primary School

What is 'In The Moment Planning' and how is it implemented. Please take a look at this powerpoint, but feel free to ask the EYFS staff for further information.

New Parent Information Powerpoint 2018 cohort

An Introduction to Come and See

EYFS at Holy Family, Living, Loving and Learning Together

EYFS at Holy Family, Living, Loving and Learning Together  1