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The RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch is about to be launched again (28th, 29th and 30th January 2022).  Your child will be receiving information via an assembly led by Mrs Lonergan.  Your child's teacher will be communicating with you so that you can join in this event as a family during the weekend of 28th January.  Thank you to all of you in the school community who contribute to this each year.  In doing so, you are supporting the RSPB.

Stone Age to Iron Age Year 3 Hunter Gatherer Role Play and Recount Writing

CAFOD and the Universal Church: Comparing our lives to the lives of others overseas

January 2021 UK Covid 19 Lockdown:  We have moved to home learning for most children.  The Home Learning section on the class pages has lots of outdoor learning activities.  Please see this year's plan for the Big Garden Bird Watch for the RSPB.  Please also try to take some time out of the day to watch a joyful episode of the BBC's Winter Watch.  If you have missed any episodes this week (BBC2 8pm), you can watch again on I Player.  Details below.  Enjoy!

Mrs Lonergan

Geography fieldwork, the local area and urban and rural landscapes inspired by our work on the art of L Lowry

Tweet of the Week:  Why not keep up with birdwatching even though we may have more demands on our time now.  I would love to hear from anyone who uses the bird identifier on the outdoor learning page of the website (curriculum/outdoor learning) , to spot some of our feathered friends.  Please email me via Mrs Buet in the office.

Thank you!

Mrs Lonergan


Week Beginning 1st June

Nature Watch: What can we see in June?

Home schooling resources for all children - outdoor learning and eco schools

Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Curriculum Intent:  Outdoor Learning at HFS
Design Technology:  Year three have been busy working on their landscape garden design project.  Our Japanese gardens will soon be ready to view.  We were busy gathering outdoor materials to add to our miniature gardens today.  Look out for our photographs here or on our class page.

Landscape Design - a DT project

Art in Nature: Gathering objects for Japanese garden designs

During September and October, our school has been busy studying the local area in geography.  Watch this space for some photographs from KS1 and KS2.

Working with the community: Aldi sponsoring the RSPB to work with schools

Year 2 have been re-enacting events in the lives of significant people from the past

Year 1 have been busy outside doing their English work.  Watch this space.
Year 5 have been busy doing their Science and English outside.  Watch this space.

Frog Alert! Spring is here and the frogs are jumping for joy! Have a look at the pond.

At Holy Family School, we aim to encourage children to learn in a variety of ways.  Research suggests that children benefit from learning outside and our children say that this type of learning helps them to remember and recall information.  They enjoy outdoor learning opportunities.  Our staff try to use the outside environment in some lessons and we reach out to other agencies such as the Essex Park Rangers, to experience the curriculum through a range of on site experiences and school trips.
The Big Schools' Birdwatch:  Holy Family School are taking part in the RSPB's annual event.  Classes will receive a bird identification sheet and a tally chart to complete.  We will give our results to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and they will use this to find out which birds are doing well in the wild and which ones need more support.  Classes are finding out how to help the birds.  Year Two made some bird feeders with seeds and lard today to help the birds to keep up their energy during this cold spell.

Making a Bird Cafe

Binoculars   Many children have expressed an interest in owning their own pair after using our school supplies to birdwatch as part of the Big Garden Birdwatch challenge.  Our were purchased from Mil-tec  Most outdoor suppliers will stock a starter set but any RSPB centre supplies a pack to use on site which includes binoculars if you are planning a visit.

English Creative Writing and the Outdoor Inspiration

Roasty, toasty time in Foundation Class

Scaffolding Writing: Sequencing events from Samuel Pepys diary in year two

Music and Performance at HFS: Assembly rehearsal in Year Two

Story Writing: Settings and Characters for Traction Man Series

October 2017: Around the World: ENGLAND (Year 3)

October 2017 - Introduction to Maths of the Day: Active Maths - Year 3

Outdoor Learning - map reading skills and Geography with Mr Hall

Understanding Hinduism - Religious Education

Tag Rugby and Team Building in year three

We have been learning outside in Religion.  Please see our class page.
Year three have been making human timelines and using an applying knowledge of timelines in small groups in the playground.  This resulted in a much clearer understanding of the time relating to the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age in history.


We had a great day in the entire school, celebrating our chosen modern foreign language.  Thank you Mrs Sanderson for some great language activities.Thank you all for the support with such wonderful outfits and to our kitchen staff for a tasty menu.  The outdoor learning game was a big favourite with many children commenting on how much they enjoyed matching up words in English and French in a fun way.  This was one of many activities enjoyed on the day.  More photographs to follow shortly.

Mrs Lonergan MFL and Outdoor Learning Lead

Year 3 Pirate Day

Year 6 around the camp fire




Year 4 Pond Dipping