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Anti-Bullying Statement written by children for children


(written by children for children)


Bullying is:

  • Hurting others constantly, both physically and mentally.

  • Calling names

  • Cyber bullying out of school

  • Constantly picking on someone

  • Leaving people out, deliberately because they are ‘different’.


If you are being bullied you can:

  • If it only happened once or twice I would leave it. If it kept on happening, I’d tell my parents and they would speak to the Head Teacher.”

  • I’d tell a trusted adult.

  • If I saw someone being bullied I would talk to them and support them.

  • If necessary I’d go to see an adult and tell them about it.

  • Reintroduce ‘Friendship Wheels’ if needed.

  • If someone feels sad about it they could spend time with a teacher or another adult.They could have time out of class with a friend doing a fun activity for a while to help them relax.

  • We have ‘Peer Mediators’.It is a good idea.If a mediator sees something happening and realises that someone needs help they go over to them.


Bullying makes you feel:

  • upset and hurts your emotions,

  • sad

  • angry

  • small

  • unwanted

  • uncared for

  • lonely


If you see someone being bullied, tell an adult or tell the bully to stop,



Bullying Must Be Stopped!!




(Written and agreed by the School Council – January 2015)