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Year 6

The Class of 2015

Well done to our Year 6 who have been a fabulous class.  Everyone at Holy Family wishes you all every success and happiness in your new schools.

Karate Lesson

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House Teams

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Year 6 Summer Term 2015

Year 6 Summer Term 2015  1

Year 6

Year 6 1 Pre-SATs
Year 6 2 Post-SATs
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Home School Agreement 2014

Easter Competition Winners

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Science Work

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Year 6 Basketball Team

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Milo Casper & Cocoa

Merry Christmas from Year 6 ❄️⛄️🎄🎁🎆

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Advent: 'Waiting For Jesus'

This slide show with music by Mumford & Sons is designed to be used in Post-Primary R.E. classrooms & at services during Advent. I hope you & your students enjoy it and you should try making your own at

Mrs Kelliher's Lunchtime Sewing Club

Aspirational Talks
          At our school we are committed to raising the hopes and aspirations of our children. We have begun this process in Year Six by inviting members of our Governing Body to talk about their own learning journey, in order to encourage our children to be "the best they can be"
          By providing real-life information about school,university and working lives, it is hoped that we can raise aspirations and help our children to understand the links between the world of work and the things that they learn in school. 
          Aspirational talks are an effective way of illustrating the relevance of Literacy and Numeracy learning. It demonstrates the importance of these subject areas in the lives of our children. It is hoped that they will connect their learning opportunities with what lies ahead for them. 
          We have invited three governors Mrs Murphy, Mrs Connelly and Mr Sanders to give talks to Year Six about their education, their working lives and their adult lives. The talks ranged from life in the city working for a bank, to designing roads and buildings, and training guide dogs for our community. The children were able to hear first hand about the exciting world of work and were given ideas about what types of work could be available to them in the future. The children asked interesting questions and went on to research various occupations for themselves.
           I would like to take this opportunity to thank the governors involved ,for giving their time to support our children.  I would also ask if there are other parents, carers or grandparents who would be willing to share their work experiences with us.
           I look forward to hearing from you. 
Mrs O'Hara.

Aspirational Talks

Aspirational Talks from Mrs Murphy

Miss Connolly & Gizmo come for a visit

Miss Connolly & Gizmo come for a visit  1
Miss Connolly & Gizmo come for a visit  2
Miss Connolly & Gizmo come for a visit  3
Miss Connolly & Gizmo come for a visit  4

Aspirational Talks from Mr Sanders


Dear Parents,

        I would like to inform you of the interesting learning journey your child will be making this half term, Autumn Term Two.

        During Literacy, we will continue to use the class text by Michael Morpurgo 'War Horse' as a basis for our independent writing. We will also be considering letter writing, leaflet design, persuasive writing and creative story writing. We will also look at traditional winter tales, their common format and traditional endings. 

         We are also preparing our Christmas production 'Countdown to Christmas' as part of our drama and music learning. 

         During our mathematics learning we will be revisiting multiplication and division number problems,graph work,bar graphs,conversion graphs,angles,measuring and developing mental mathematics accuracy and speed. 

          Please can I ask that as a part of your child's learning, you encourage them to learn their times tables and support them using the Mathletics program three times a week at home.

         Our Science themes this half term are: learning about our eyes heart, lungs, digestion,   ways we keep our bodies healthy, and micro-organisms.

         As part of our religious education we are considering vocations.  We will have visits from Governors and members of the community, giving year six several aspirational talks about their own journey to success, in the hope that this will encourage them to consider their own futures.     

         We have had a talk given by Mrs Murphy about life working in the city. The children found this very interesting and informative.

         We have also been learning about remembrance and the importance of commemorating WW1.

         We will also discuss the meaning of Advent and the importance of this celebration in our faith.

        We are busy preparing for Christmas through our design and technology learning, making decorations and sweet gifts for the school fair. 

        During PE, the children are developing stamina and team spirit through various games and cross country training.

        In year six we are also supporting the children in reception class with their learning for a session each week. Both groups really enjoy the exchange.

        Please encourage your child to complete their homework on time and to their best ability.

The effort they make now will be of benefit to them for the future.


Thank you for your continued support.

God bless you and your family,

Mrs O'Hara.

Cooking Parkin cake

Cooking Parkin cake  1

Autumn 14 Curriculm Information

Welcome to Year 6!

Dear Year Six Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2014

           As you are aware, our term began in an interesting way with the Residential Trip to Grafham Water in Cambridge. It was an excellent way for me to get to know your children quickly in a relaxed atmosphere.

           I was amazed with their determination when building the rafts and their ability to help each other as a team to ensure that they achieved their goals. It was good to see the way that they celebrated each other's successes, especially when climbing the wall or sailing on the Fun Boats. It was also pleasing to see how they worked together to complete the Grafham Challenge, walking blindfolded over an obstacle course. I was also very surprised  by their fitness levels when completing the ten mile bicycle ride around the reservoir. As you can see from the photgraphs the visit was very successful and also enjoyable for everyone. The behaviour of the children was exemplary and we were complimented by the staff at the centre. Your children were a credit to you and superb ambassadors for the school.

            We are now back in school and learning our new routines. I hope that you have received a copy of the curriculum plan for this term. In view of the Centenary of the First World War, we will be basing our learning on the novel  'War Horse' written by Michael Morpurgo. We will explore the events of the war through Literature and History.

            As you know, this year is a very important one for your child. He or she will have a challenging workload in preparation for Secondary education and the inevitable Standardised Assessment Tests. Your child will be given every opportunity to succeed, however, they will also need your support through regular reading and homework.

             A Reading Record will come home, please hear your child read daily and sign to say that your child has read at home. We will ensure that your child will read in school as often as possible to develop this important skill. Literacy, Numeracy and a further subject will be sent home each week as homework. This work will be based on the areas of learning covered during the week and will help your child to consolidate their learning. Also in some cases, unfinished classwork will be sent home for completion. It is important that your child completes their learning to the standard expected by the school during lesson time.

             I look forward to meeting with you at the Parents Information Evening which will be held later in the term. However, if you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact me beforehand to arrange a meeting.

             I look forward to working with you in partnership, towards the success of your child.

God bless you,

Mrs O'Hara.



Welcome to our year 6 class

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Welcome to our year 6 class  2 War Horse
Welcome to our year 6 class  3 Our Class board
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Welcome to our year 6 class  5 Religious education
Welcome to our year 6 class  6 Grafham water
Welcome to our year 6 class  7 Grafham water

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