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Year 6, the final class of your primary school journey!! In year 6 it’s not all about SAT’s and tests, it’s also about creating strong resilient individuals that can make the transition from primary to secondary school. We start the year with Grafham Water, a superb way to gel together as a class, work on team building and problem solving skills and face challenges and obstacles together.

From here we build upon this and find leaders for school roles and work on independence and responsibility.


We hope you enjoy this page and the journey we are all about to embark on....hold onto your broomsticks!!! 🧙🏻‍♀️



• Be positive about homework and tell your child how important it is. 
The attitude you express about homework will be the attitude your child acquires.

• The best time for children to do their homework is soon after they arrive home. A short break and snack is recommended first.

• Provide a reasonably quiet and suitable place where your child can work.
Make sure that paper, pencils and a dictionary are available and appropriate.

• When your child asks for help, provide guidance, not answers.  Giving answers means your child will not learn the material.

• Learning spellings and times tables will help your child to improve their writing and to be more efficient when doing their maths work. 

Daily practice is best – little and often.

• Homework is always based on work previously done in the class and so should be able to be done independently.  Your child may need support with the initial instructions and a little prompt to get started, but if they really don’t understand your child needs to ask their teacher to explain it again.

• It is important that homework is handed in on time.
Your child might have to spend some of their Golden Time completing any unfinished homework.

• Keep homework clean, presentable and completed to a good standard.

• Thank you for supporting the school by supporting your child.





Reading Test Non Fiction

Reading Test - Poetry


Downloadable resources


Grammar Revision Powerpoints
Maths Revision Lessons



WOW, what an amazing presentation the children got from the two John’s on Thursday. The fun, informative and non judgemental talk was excellent at teaching the children that talking to adult, parent, teachers or Childline is always the way to go if you feel unsafe or threatened online.

The children were very open in their discussions with the John’s and hopefully took on board all the advice.

anyone who was unable to attend the parents sessions, should look at their website




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This week the whole school has been involved in different aspects of anti bullying. The year 6 class had a discussion on ‘What would you do?’ They were presented with different scenarios and then asked how they would react to these situations. They discussed this in groups in a very mature manner. They also showed empathy with the person being bullied and worked really hard on ‘breaking the cycle’ of bullying in the world.





WORLD WAR II - Visitor 🧳🛏🧸

The children were very lucky on Thursday, to hear from Peter, a World War II evacuee. Peter described to the children what he saw and heard when the siren went off and had to hurry to the shelter. What the shelter was like, and how he felt. He explained about hearing the planes, and seeing the searchlights.

Then he detailed how he was evacuated. His big sister was evacuated to a really nice family, but his brothers, Peter and his mum were not evacuated to a very nice place and couldn’t wait to get back home.

The children asked lots of questions, and Peter thouroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm for the subject.


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The children were asked to work on a project during half term that involved investigating World War ll. They could produce a model, PowerPoint, picture or anything of their choice that highlighted their knowledge on this subject.

The children then discussed and showed their projects to the class. They worked really hard on their work and some of the models, PowerPoints and fact finding information was truely amazing.

Well done 👍.




Today the children were learning about South America. They were studying maps and learning about the equator and Equador. We had an explorer in to talk about the Galápagos Islands and all the beautiful and wonderful creatures that inhabit it. It was a really interesting day and the children loved learning about this tropical and exciting continent.


Autumn RE Parent's Letter


Year 6 have been learning about circuits and how electrical currents flow.

MATHS Problem Solving - Negative numbers,Rounding & Place Value 🧐


Today the children were tasked with working out math problems to complete a specific shape. The task was quite challenging  as the children had to ensure that all three sides of their triangle matched the next triangle perfectly. Otherwise the shape would be incorrect. Then they had to crack a code using maths word problems to find a specific word.



Today the children were lucky to have a member of the Essex Cyber team come in and talk to them about online safety. Online games were discussed and how they can stay safe. What to do and who to talk to when worried was discussed and online ways of reporting problems. Cyber bullying was discussed with the children and again they were informed on what to do and how to handle aspects of this.

It was a very informative talk and the children had many questions answered.



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