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Year 6

RE Letter to Parents/Carers

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. This year we endeavour to fill this page with fun and laughter, with memories to remember and challenges faced. We hope you enjoy our page.


There's no place like Year 6..........

                                                                    There's no place like Year 6.......... 1

In Year 6 we created our own prayer for the beginning of every day.



Loving Father

Today we welcome you into our hearts, our minds and our family

Open our hearts ready for loving

Open our minds ready for learning

Open our eyes ready to follow in your footsteps

Thank you for all the opportunities we have been given in our education

Encourage us to be brave and to try new things each day

We ask this prayer through you our Lord



The documents below detail what your child needs to achieve to be working at a Year 6 expected level. We have included these on the class page so that you can support your child in achieving these targets.


• Be positive about homework and tell your child how important it is. 
The attitude you express about homework will be the attitude your child acquires.

• The best time for children to do their homework is soon after they arrive home. A short break and snack is recommended first.

• Provide a reasonably quiet and suitable place where your child can work.
Make sure that paper, pencils and a dictionary are available and appropriate.

• When your child asks for help, provide guidance, not answers.  Giving answers means your child will not learn the material.

• Learning spellings and times tables will help your child to improve their writing and to be more efficient when doing their maths work. 

Daily practice is best – little and often.

• Homework is always based on work previously done in the class and so should be able to be done independently.  Your child may need support with the initial instructions and a little prompt to get started, but if they really don’t understand your child needs to ask their teacher to explain it again.

• It is important that homework is handed in on time.
Your child might have to spend some of their Golden Time completing any unfinished homework.

• Keep homework clean, presentable and completed to a good standard.

• Thank you for supporting the school by supporting your child.

Rest & Relaxation day- P.J's, Film and colouring

Due to the size of the video I am unable to upload the Grafham Water video of the class of 2017. But here are a few photos for your perusal.





Our happiness and relaxation day voted for by the children - such a lovely day together ❤️

Science Day -CIRCUITS

Today the children had a fun and informative lesson on CIRCUITS. They were given the opportunity to create their own buzzer circuits and light circuits utilising a box of different electrical components. They had to work out and analyse the best voltage and the best components to use to get the best out of their designs.Then using their designs as a base they had to draw the components in their books using the correct scientific terminology and signs.




Year 6 were very fortunate and blessed to have Sue Bermange from the '45 Aid Society in class today. Sue's father, Bob Obuchowski, was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. She told us all about his life and the terrible difficulties and prejudice he faced throughout the war. It was a very moving experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed her talk; they asked lots of questions and were fascinated by her stories. 


Friendship week in year 6 

Today in class we were lucky to have Dan from the fire and police service. He spoke to us about keeping safe on line and shared lots of information with us.













Here are some year 6 revision resources. Please make full use of all of these to consolidate learning.  



Spellings from Year 5 & 6 that your child needs to know.

Uploaded below are a range of SPaG PowerPoints that we have used or will be using in Year 6 this year. Please go through these with your children on a regular basis.
Uploaded below are a range of Math PowerPoints that we have used or will be using in Year 6 this year. Please go through these with your children on a regular basis.

Here are some links to other helpful Maths & English websites



Today year 6 had their happiness and relaxation day.

PJ's and cooking biscuits. 

What a great day!


Singing the National Anthem

Still image for this video
As part of our Around the World Day the children practiced the National Anthem in class ready for a performance in assembly. We discussed how proud you should be to live in this country and should sing from your heart.

WW2 -Goodnight Mr Tom


To continue with our topic for English of Goodnight Mr Tom the children had a DT day and made model plane spitfires, designed their own identity labels and identity booklets. They had a great morning.


Look at our amazing trip

Grafham was so much fun!