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Year 2

First few weeks back...


We have been learning about fractions - mainly halves and quarters.  We have used them to learn about giving precise directions by playing lots of games in class to describe direction and movement.


We have continued our work on Riddles and have now begun to learn about writing exciting and interesting stories.


We are looking forward to carrying out some investigations in our science lessons.  This week we learned about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies.

Role Play Area

Our new role play area is a post office.  We will be learning a little bit during our topic work about the history of the postal service.  This year celebrates an anniversary of one of the first stamps designed for use.  We shall be using the role play area to revise our maths skills in weighing, reading timetables and adding and our geography skills to recognise the different continents in the world where our post may be sent.


St George's Day Celebrations

St George's Day Celebrations 1
St George's Day Celebrations 2


Easter Competition Winners

Easter Competition Winners 1

China Topic: Buddhism

During our Chinese topic, we have been learning about the culture and some of the religions.  Buddhism has been interesting to learn about and we have enjoyed writing about the Signs and Symbols recognised here to show their beliefs.  Below is a You Tube link about the creator of Buddhism, who became the icon known as 'Buddha' - who we learned is not a God.



The children enjoyed our very special assembly led by the staff this week, in which each adult read one of the Stations of the Cross, read a prayer and showed a picture.  We were able to reflect on the events of the Easter Story and it was a special time to share together.


In class, we have also been recognising the Signs and Symbols during the season of Lent and leading up to Easter.  We have worked hard learning about the Easter story and recognising the different events that occurred during this time and produced some Easter booklets, which we are really proud of.

Stations of The Cross - Staff Assembly

The Story of Buddha

A short version of the story of Buddha with animations designed for children.


We have been creating a dragon dance piece of music using the djembe drums so that we can create a dance to it.

Dragon Dance Drumming

Still image for this video

PE Gymnastics

PE Gymnastics

This term, As well as cross country, Mr Fyfe has been doing gymnastics with us too. We have been practising our balances and presentation on different equipment.

Red Nose Day 2015

Red Nose Day 2015 1

Red Nose Day

Still image for this video
Sponsored Dance-a-thon...


My gosh...we danced...and danced...and danced...the children thoroughly enjoyed their day to raise money for Comic Relief.  We dressed in pink or red and danced throughout the day as part of the sponsored Dance-A-Thon. We worked with a friend in the afternoon to make RED Chinese lanterns.

Spring Term 2 Curriculum Overview Plan - China

Spring Term - Week Beginning: 09.02.15

During this special 'Frozen' week before half term break, the children worked in groups to 'Save the Princess' from the ice block - Jessica decided the Ice Queen had been in to class and frozen them all into blocks of ice! I think she may have been right!  The children had to decide the best place to position their ice blocks, in the hope of saving their princess in the fastest time...Here they all are...before and after pictures.

We have also had a visitor to class this week in the shape of Sweetie (named by Alan) the Snowman.  We predicted how long we thought it would take for him to melt and made observations through the day...we talked about the three states of matter.  We understood solid and liquid and at the end of the day, we learned about the third state of matter: gas, as the remainder of Sweetie was boiled and we watched him melt completely, begin to boil and eventually let off some steam!!

Our assembly was a great success and we enjoyed sharing our work, especially the musical accompaniment to 'The Frozen Heart' which we devised as a class.  Addy conducted us to ensure we stayed in time.

We completed our clay penguin models and painted these...they enjoyed playing in their ice habitats that we created from shoeboxes.  Slideshow below of the completed articles.

Save the Princess...Before and After pictures

Sweetie the Snowman

Class Assembly: Musical Accompaniment 'The Frozen Heart'

Aoife found a lump of ice outside this week, so we created an investigation to see how quickly it would melt and how much water would be there.  This meant we could use many mathematical skills...telling the time and recording it on a clock face and digitally (every 10 minutes we checked the amount of water that had melted), measuring in scales (counting in steps and reading/recording measures on a jug), reading a thermometer (measured the temperature of the water at the end of the experiment once it had all melted and one hour later, then recorded on a scale)...

When we were learning how to record the times on the clock faces, we had to use our skill learned last week of counting in steps of 5s to read the minutes on the clock.

I have attached a clock PDF document below which can be printed, stuck on card and cut out, or the petals can be cut out and blu tacked onto an existing clock in your house, to help the children learn how to read the time using the 5-minute intervals. The children did not find this as easy as I thought they would!

Clock Face PDF

At last, the role play area is completed.  The children have created a background display of penguins living in the Antactic and then the igloo (from the Arctic in the North) is for them to read to the new penguin in class - whose name we will be deciding this week!

It took a long time and a lot of patience to create from all the milk cartons sent in, so thank you for all your help - and especially Mrs Sanderson, who glued and put it all is very delicate!!

Below are pictures of the children as they read in the new igloo...

Spring Term Curriculum Overview Plan

Welcome back to the Spring Term.  The children have started in an excited manner beginning to learn about where they live and other colder places in the world...Antarctica, the North Pole and South Pole.  We are beginning to learn about the penguins that live in Antarctica...

You can find the medium term plan which gives an idea of some of the things we will be learning about.

The children have enjoyed sharing their projects over the half term about Space to complete their topic with a sharing day of their work completed as homework.  Enjoy the slideshow below which shows all the work the children shared in class. 

Well, it is nearly the end of the term as we are learning about the season of Advent in the lead up to Christmas.  We have been very busy practising for our Nativity Play and are looking forward to the upcoming performances.

Our Space topic has been very exciting and eventful - after receiving many assignments and missions to complete from Agents J, Z and X via the Mission Control in class.  Photos will be added shortly, as the children all became 'cadets' when they completed their final assignment and this meant we had the final digit to open the safe that we had been left!

Below are photos of the class role play area and displays linked to our theme of Space.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Well, what a fantastic end to the first half term...the Great Fire of London was brought to life during the awesome assembly showing the story clearly through learned words all spoken clearly, the fire dance and songs.  The houses looked fantastic as the backdrop and thank you for all the hard work that went in to them at home.  I have included a few pictures of these to show off the good work.


Next half term we are starting our Space topic.  I have put the overview of this topic inside the Letters section on our page and look forward to the projects related to this topic at the end of the term!!


Home School Agreement, please share with your child

Year 2 children have created their own class agreement to run alongside the Golden Rules.  In class, when these rules are followed there are rewards like raffle tickets, team points and special certificates.

PE days are:

Alternate Mondays (outside weather permitting - please provide trainers as the field will begin to get slippery soon)

Tuesday - during PPA sessions with Mr Fyfe (outside weather permitting)

Friday - (inside PE)

Please ensure children can remove their own ear rings (there is a mirror in class).  If they are unable to do so, please ensure they are not wearing them on these days.  All clothing needs to be clearly labelled.


Homework will be set each Friday (sent home in their named plastic wallets).  Please could you encourage your child to return these to the homework tray by Wednesday.  The children's book bags will be checked at least twice a week and books will be and books will be changed if their record book has been signed by yourselves.  Spellings will usually be tested on a Thursday.  Library books will usually be changed on a Thursday also.

Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome back to school after what I hope was a fantastic summer holiday.  The children will be sharing their holiday news and special things they have collected in their summer boxes...please send them in with your child if you have not done so yet. 


Don't worry if you did not have a chance to make a box...perhaps send a photograph or object that your child would like to talk about that was special in their summer holiday.


This term our main topic is 'The Great Fire of London'.  Keep an eye out for pictures of the children at work in their new class...


Mrs Scott

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