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Eco Travel To School Results - Spring 2015

We were so pleased to hear this week that Key Stage One children won an award on behalf of Holy Family in the Eco Travel competition.  They have won a trophy for the highest percentage of children NOT travelling by car to school.  We look forward to taking a photograph with some of the children and adding it to the site with our trophy, which will proudly go in the trophy cabinet.

Assisting Mr Fyfe with the Handball Rally at HFS

Assisting Mr Fyfe with the Handball Rally at HFS 1

PE Presentation at Alec Hunter Learning Village

Well done to the four Year 6 Sports Ambassadors who presented, with Mr Fyfe, in front of a group of PE sublect leaders from Essex at Alec Hunter Learning Village.  We have truly inspired other schools to take some of our ideas and bring them to their own schools.  The children were clear and concise and were great ambassadors.  We were very proud of them.  Thank you to Stewart, Gosia, Toyosi and Toby for representing our school so well.


RED NOSE DAY FOR COMIC RELIEF - Friday 13th March 2015

The children have been working alongside the School Council and Mrs Nicholls to share ideas about having a 'Dance-a-thon' to raise money and get the children active for fun during the charity fund-raiser.  We look forward to informing you about the funds raised and keep an eye out for the photographs!! 



Some of the Ambassadors have been investigating the playground area and have decided that it would be great to consider how to use the wall in the playground where the sheds are to encourage more active games.  They have suggested setting up a competition which the children could enter to help share ideas and designs of how to re-paint it and update to follow when this gets underway.



Some of the Ambassadors have been creating a letter which we would like to send to Morrisons, which is now located where the Jack and Jenny pub was.  We thought we would ask if they could sponsor one or more of our kits - as they are green/yellow colours like us and we could have their logo on the back.  We will let you know if there is a positive response.




Sports Ambassadors Baseline Questionnaire for Teaching Staff Autumn 2014

Sports Ambassadors Baseline Questionnaire for Children Autumn 2014

The Sports Ambassadors have been busy creating a questionnaire for the children and staff to complete, to allow them to look into planning future events this coming year to increase activity and interest in sport at school.  The results will help them to feedback to the staff, Sports Leader and Play Leaders, to ensure that lunch times and lesson times are as enjoyable and active for the children as possible.