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or unexpected school closure

Essex County Council is improving communications regarding school closures. They are no longer going to use the local radio stations, but have opened up a new page on their website.

If you want to check whether the school is closed, go to the following and follow the links to school closures.


  • This site is now live and we hope it will be able to cope with the demands when the time comes.
  • We will also update our own website and send out parent mail messages


Please remember that the system gets very clogged up on these days as hundreds of people are trying to receive or send information at the same time. Although we send messages they may not reach you immediately and the internet has been known to crash under the pressure!


  • Please do not ring the school as we will only close if the staff cannot get here so there will be no-one to answer your call.


Not all of our staff live locally, so they may struggle to get in to school through a clogged road network or roads blocked by snow.


The decision to close is never taken lightly. We try to make that decision early so that arrangements can be made for child care where needed.