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School Rules





Dinner Money

All dinner monies are paid via Parent Pay


Clothing and Footwear

Please ensure that any clothing that is likely to be removed is clearly marked with your child’s name. PE kits should be kept in a named PE bag.  Additionally all pens, pencils etc. should be in a pencil case clearly marked with your child’s name.  No toys, jewellery or items of value should be brought to school. 



Girls are allowed to wear studs only.  Earrings are not to be worn during PE. If newly pierced ears have not healed then your daughter will not be able to participate in PE lessons until they are able to remove them.  For this reason it is recommended that ears are pierced only at the beginning of the summer holidays. Class teachers give details of PE lessons at the start of an academic year so that earrings can be removed at home and not worn on that day if your child is unable to take them out for them self.


Under NO circumstances are boys allowed to wear earrings or studs to school.


Personal Appearance

No exaggerated hair styles (including colours and gels). Hair accessories should be small and in the school colours eg: green or black).  No nail varnish should be worn in school.


Mobile Phones

Are not allowed in school with the exception of any year 6 pupils who are walking home alone.  In this instance they must leave their phone in the school office and collect it as they leave the school premises.


Social Media Sites

Please take care when using social media sites where any matters relating to the school are concerned.


Driving into School/ Parking

Parents are NOT allowed to drive into school grounds during peak times of 8.30am – 9.00am and 3.00pm – 3.25pm, with the exception of HFS Parking Permit holders and those with disabled passes.


This is for the safety of all our children.


Please ensure you use the designated footpaths to walk your children safely into/out of school.


Parents and visitors are also requested to park with due care and consideration to our neighbours outside the school premises.


Dogs on School Premises

The only dogs that are allowed on site are guide dogs.


No Smoking

Please note that Holy Family School operates a non-smoking policy both within the school and grounds.  This also applies to electronic cigarettes.