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School council

The school council have been discussing different ways to improve the school.

The school council meets every half term. A few weeks ago at a meeting we discussed different things to do with food. We requested things like burgers with buns, different drinks (other than milk and water), proper pizza slices . These are the things we have achieved to get. 

On our previous meeting on the 16th June 2016, the FOHFS asked us for different fundraising ideas. We came up with, making cakes in class for a cake sale, an obstacle course on the field, a talent show, an art contest, sports contests (after school), games after school, after school tournament- for children and adults, selling ice lollies after lunch, costume contest. 


Operation Christmas Child 2015

Operation Christmas Child  2015 1
Operation Christmas Child  2015 2
Operation Christmas Child  2015 3
Operation Christmas Child  2015 4
Operation Christmas Child  2015 5
Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.
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The council members are:
Chair person: Damian year 6
Vice chair:  Leah year 6
Treasurer : Harry year 6
Secretary:  Amelia M year 6
Class representatives :
Year 6 : Shaw, Esmee, Sofija , Tom
Year 5 : Ben and Megan
Year 4: Sebastian and Eva H
Year 3:  Gracie and Kenny
Year 2 :   Xiana and Luke
Year 1: Liam and Alexis

       "In year 6 I am a School Council member.  In the School Council meetings I talk about and discuss a variety of things.  The most important thing about the job is that you need to be able to make decisions, and ask questions if you're not sure, or if you have an idea.  I like the job because it inspires me to talk about things that we need or don't need.  I also like doing this job because I like listening to others."


       " In year 6 I am a School Council member.  We talk about what we could do for Red Nose Day or Children in Need.  It is fun because you get to make suggestions in what we can do for the school.  It is especially fun because I have never done anything like this before.  If you want to be a School Council member go for it, because it is really fun."


       " In year 6 I am Chair of the School Council.  This is good because I can listen to what everyone has to say.  I enjoy this job.  My job is to be in control of the School Council meeting.  The school Council organises events such as Red Nose Day."


       " I am the Secretary of the School Council.  Doing this job allows me to set up fun days and do what's best for everyone.  I am able to share ideas to change our school for the better.  I can share ideas to see if we can use them.  My job is important because I can help the school raise money for charities, or for ourselves, in fun and enjoyable ways.  I can plan activities for special times like Comic Relief or Book Week.  I enjoy my job because I can help Holy Family in a variety of ways for the greater good."


        " I am the Treasurer of the School Council.  My role is very important because I can be in charge of money and I can help give ideas for fundraising, such as Children in Need and Comic Relief.  The best part is that we get to help out in cake sales and fairs.  The reason why I wanted to do it is because ever since year 2 I thought that it would be a cool to be in charge and come up with ideas, and make it real.  We sometimes have drinks and biscuits before a meeting too."