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Love to Read at Holy Family

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Accelerated Reader

Holy Family Catholic Primary School uses AR (Accelerated Reader) . Pupils take a STAR reading test at the beginning of each term and are given an AR level of books to read and quiz independently.


Accelerated Reader is a computer based system that tracks pupils’ reading comprehension and progress, initially through a Star Reading Test and then through regular book quizzes completed in school.


Accelerated Reader combines the elements of personalised and assessment reading to promote reading for pleasure and to motivate pupils to use reading for learning.  Studies have shown that the AR Reading Scheme motivates pupils of all ages and abilities to read more and consequently raise literacy standards.

Pupils are achieving their individual targets and completing their quizzes with impressive levels, demonstrating their understanding of the texts.


Once a pupil has read a book they will complete an online reading quiz at school to assess their understanding of the book.  Each pupil’s reading progress can then be continually accessed via the AR Scheme.  Teachers and Classroom Assistants will continue to listen to children read regularly and this will not change.


As always parents remain encouraged to hear their child/children read at home and to share the content of the book by discussing what has been read.

Reading Journey

In KS2 Holy Family promotes the reading of good quality books, titles of which have been selected in collaboration with Just Imagine Story Centre.  Children read in small groups of three a variety of titles.  They discuss their books looking at the characters, the plot, their predictions or reasons why they think the storyline has progressed at it has.  By the end of each year group the class will have read a number of titles, meeting weekly with an adult to share their reading.


Class Sets of Books

From year 2 upwards children also read together as a class with their teacher. This allows more difficult texts to be shared, reading modelled and in depth discussion to be conducted together.  A book is often connected with literacy work. 



Love to Read