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Guinea-Pig Duty

       "In Year 6 I do guinea-pig duty.  We have four guinea pigs called Jeff, Milo, Coco and Casper.  Everyday four people go outside and look after them, by feeding them, giving them clean water and lots of hugs.  On Fridays we empty their cage and then refill it with new hay.  I enjoy this because it's fun to cuddle them."


       " In year 6 I do guinea-pig duty.  We hold the guinea pigs.  We enjoy it because it is very good fun and relaxing.  It is very important to hold the four guinea-pigs because they need company, warmth and love.  We also feed them and them enough fresh drinks.  It is important because they need to drink fresh water and eat food so their teeth don't grow too long.  We enjoy it because we can make sure they're healthy."


       " We have four guinea-pigs.  I think it is fun giving them lots of hugs and to bath them. It's important to learn how to treat pets and look after them."

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